4 Signs Your Flooring Needs Attention

When it comes to delivering our high quality flooring service, we are always keen to ensure that your flooring system is durable and working reliably. A floor lacking in durability is a recipe for a future accident. Not only that, an irregular surface can begin to take its toll on your machinery, leading to unnecessary purchasing of new machinery; an overhead any business can do without!

The best way to address this situation is through knowing and understanding how to spot the signs of when your floor needs anything from a simple floor joint repair to a complete concrete make-over.

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One of the main signs of your floor beginning to deteriorate is flaking. This is when your floor begins to flake away from the surface in thin sections. This can often be attributed to heat damage or less skilled workers and their floor laying, whereby they have made an error when the concrete was actually poured.


Pitting is essentially where your concrete flooring begins to have small but deep holes beginning to form. These can then start take the form of larger pointy dints in the surface, which can in turn begin to lead to more serious and noticeable damage to your flooring.


When you see cracks in your concrete flooring, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that it may be a sign of your floor depreciating. Hairline cracks are commonplace across just about every concrete surface, but it’s when they begin to grow that you need to start considering your options. Too large of a crack and you are looking at the potential for trips and falls, as well as the aforementioned-damage to machinery.


Spalling is another surface failure that can cause the concrete to begin to look a little like scales. Thanks to the Great British weather, these can be found across the country due to chillier temperatures freezing the water in the concrete capillaries and causing them to expand and, ultimately, crack.

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If you begin to notice any of the above, then it certainly worth consulting a flooring specialist before the issue escalates. This can have the effect of not only becoming potentially dangerous, but also costing more to repair; so nip them in the bud early! If you would like to discuss your concrete flooring issue with one of our experts, or if you have any further questions related to our service, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us on 01226 382864, where we are always eager to provide your workplace with a durable flooring solution.


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