7 Efficiency Tips Your Warehouse Needs

Having a warehouse with the lowest cost possible, with the highest possible levels of productivity is the aim of every business, but it’s often tricky to achieve this. Whether it’s because you don’t know the steps that need to be made or you’re struggling to implement the steps, here at PSR Industrial Flooring we’ve picked up a few tips from our experience that might be able to help you out.


Keep Everything Organised & Clean

A warehouse should always be a clean and tidy place with no rubbish being allowed to build up anywhere. Having an untidy warehouse will stop employees and machinery navigating through it quickly and may even result in orders going missing.

Make sure that you have a cleaning schedule that is followed regularly to make sure that your warehouse is as tidy as possible.

Utilize Technology

Technology evolves so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Some of the new technology that comes out will help you improve the efficiency of warehouse. Software that allows you to track data and inventory levels will allow you to keep stock of what is in your warehouse, and the use of RFIDs will mean that you can find items quickly.

Ensure that you’re using the latest technology in your warehouse to make sure that the productivity is increased as much as possible.

Update Machinery

Because we use machinery for most operations in a warehouse, it is important that the machinery is in the best condition it can be all the time. If a machine isn’t functioning as well as it should be then it may cause delays in your warehouse that will likely put a dent in your productivity. Although the costs of maintaining machinery may seem like a lot, this cost will help you to make more money from the increase to productivity that it allows.


Double Check Orders

Everybody makes errors, it’s just natural, but sometimes these errors can cost a lot of money. The cost of sending out a second order after a mistake has been made with a first order is typically more than double the cost the first order so it’s important to make sure that no mistakes are made at this stage. Have the orders checked twice to reduce the chances that a mistake will be made with any orders.

Have Senior Employees on the Floor

Senior employees often stay in their offices and not on the floor with the rest of the workers. While it is understandable that they will likely have plenty of work to do themselves, it is beneficial for these senior employees to walk around the warehouse floor every now and again. If there is an area of your warehouse that is dragging down productivity, the senior employee should be able to see this as they walk around each area.

Minimise Unauthorised Traffic

With so many people in a warehouse, it’s not uncommon for a senior employee not to know who someone is. It’s possible that the person shouldn’t be there all together though and may have just wandered in off the street.

To make it easier to quickly identify who should be in your warehouse and who shouldn’t, have your employees wear a uniform.

Demarcate Your Floor

Demarcating floors works to make navigating roads easier and it will allow for easier navigating through your warehouse too. Having demarcations on your floor will allow employees to quickly identify which section of the warehouse they need to get to and will allow for items to be found and stored faster. Here at PSR Industrial Flooring, we are leading providers of many industrial floor coatings, including the floor painting that can be used for demarcating your warehouse floor.


Hopefully you’ll now be able to reduce the costs and improve the productivity of your warehouse in order to increase its efficiency. If you have any need for any industrial flooring services then look no further than us. We have many services from coatings to repairs so whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like any more information what we can provide don’t hesitate to contact us on 01226 382 864.


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