Concrete Solution: Why Concrete Is Dominating the Flooring World

For a long time, concrete floors were only associated with warehouse work spaces, and it seemed that carpeting, hardwood and tile were always going to dominate the rest of the flooring world, but it seems a lot more people are taking up arms in revolt against these materials and are opting to use a different material for their flooring needs: concrete.

While used heavily in industrial flooring, concrete is now making its way to homes, offices and shops all over the world, and it seems there are a multitude of reasons for it.


The number one reason for any product becoming more popular is, of course the price. Now, concrete’s price has dropped in the last few years, while the other materials like carpet, tile and wood have all increased in price. You can find concrete installation for as cheap as £4 per square foot!

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Concrete is one of the strongest materials in all of construction, which means it doesn’t need much maintenance work. Of course, if it does, it isn’t a tough job and you can always call some experts like us here at PSR and we’ll sort it out in no time.


If you need to clean concrete, you don’t need to bother with harsh chemicals or expensive treatments since dirt and grime can’t penetrate beyond the surface. All you really need to clean your concrete floor is a good sweeping brush, a mop and a bucket of soapy water.


Using concrete as your finished floor eliminates any additional need to install wood or carpet and all the associated by-products. Concrete doesn’t harbor allergens either, which means you’ll find no decrease in the quality of air indoors.

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Concrete is the granddaddy of cool, and now you can choose from a large range of sleek and expensive looking designs from colourful stains to decorative overlays.

Temperature regulating.

Concrete thinks of you – well more specifically, it thinks of your wallet when it comes to energy bills. It absorbs hot and cool air, allowing it to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so there’s no need for you to keep checking the heating’s on.


Concrete can be used for near enough anything, whether its serving as a workhorse surface in an industrial warehouse or it’s making a cheeky appearance beneath an area rug in a modern loft. Simply put, concrete floors function perfectly in a variety of settings.


So now that your mind has been completely blown by just how great concrete flooring is, maybe you’d consider getting yourself some. We here at PSR are specialists in industrial flooring, and that includes concrete! For more information on our services, contact us and one of our professional team will be happy to help with any inquiries.


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