Considerate Concrete: Health and Safety Features

Concrete’s reliable and durable qualities are not only a cost-effective investment for heavy traffic industries, but they also lend themselves well to ensuring our well-being. Even though concrete is one of the most basic flooring materials, its components are resistant to different types of incidents that could occur within the workplace.

Especially within industries that deal with heavy machinery, such as warehouses, the surface of concrete can reduce the chances of major accidents happening with the application of different finishes and floor coatings.

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An anti-slip resin coating is ideal for industries that need to observe health and safety measures more vigilantly; for example, warehouses and factories which use heavy duty equipment. Laying down non-slip mats and similar floor coverings could also lead to slips and trips, and to achieve complete coverage would be costly.

Other workplaces that could benefit from non-slip floors include hospitals and clinics, food and beverage establishments or retail and grocery stores which could all come into contact with substances which make slips and accidents more likely. A resin coating could minimise the chance of an accident and provide you with peace of mind with the extra level of protection.


In any area where electrical equipment is regularly used, electrostatic discharge could manifest which may eventually cause damage to expensive equipment. Static can even cause explosions which could cause serious injuries to people in the vicinity. Applying a resin coating not only aids in slip resistance but can also remove static from the environment.

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Finally, floorings that aren’t protected can experience a build up of bacteria and mould in the environment which is caused by dark, damp areas which accommodate its growth. This of course could be detrimental to people’s health when exposed to the atmosphere on a daily basis.

A resin coating has enhanced chemical resistance that is easy to clean and maintain, which will reduce grime and germs spreading over time.

At PSR Industrial Flooring, providing you with a safe and resilient work space is our highest priority, with the ability to install flooring that best suits your industry. We also offer concrete floor repairs to further reduce the chance of an accident and to keep your flooring ship shape. For any enquiries into our services, or if you require any other information, feel free to get in touch at 01226 382864.


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