Effective Drainage: The Key to Health and Safety

Our professional floor grinding solutions and floor joint repairs are perfect solutions for helping your floor to remain in a safe condition for use in a whole array of industrial scenarios. However, it is not always the simple matter of having a spotless surface and flooring that is free from cracks that make for a safe working environment; sometimes your flooring’s ability to cope with surface liquids can go a way towards defining its safety.

When it comes to spillages there can be a worry of corrosion with certain surfaces; however our resin and epoxy coating services are assured to provide you with a great deal of confidence when it comes to keeping your flooring waterproof. With such watertight coatings, it can be important to consider the significance of effective draining with regards to your industrial flooring – particularly if you work in the food industry, in a food processing plant, for example.

Prevents the Spread of Disease

Maintaining a clean and dry working environment can help with the prevention of the unnecessary spread of various diseases or pathogens. By having puddles or consistently damp areas you are promoting the growth of mould or fungi, as well as providing the classic survival conditions for a number of other diseases. Besides that, it is basically indicative of careless cleaning procedures.

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Prevents Slip and Falls

Discussing slips and falls is fairly commonplace amongst our frequent blog posts simply because whilst they are so easy to prevent, they are one of the most common causes of workplace accident. Through providing drainage, or the implementation of sloping floors or even through other means by which to allow the water to filter through, you can significantly reduce your surface water, as well as the potential for accidents.

Causes Wear and Tear

As well as increasing the likelihood that your floor will suffer from corrosion, it can cause damage to machinery and stored products. The least you can expect is superficial water damage, but you could also be looking at the potential for damage to expensive machinery or, worse, electrocution.

It’s important to pay special attention to the drainage of your industrial setting as it can be all too easy to assume it will merely drain away, but this isn’t always the case – and the consequences of the opposite are too dear to pay. If you don’t hire the correct men for the job, it can not only be done shabbily, but drainage necessities may even be ignored. Our flooring professionals at PSR are industry leaders with a focus on providing exceptionally high quality flooring solutions. So if you would like to speak to one of our friendly specialists with regards to your flooring needs, whatever the industry, don’t hesitate to call. Our professionals have the flooring solution for you, so contact us on 01226 382864 today!


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