Epoxy Coated Flooring: The Green Choice

At PSR Industrial Flooring, we continually have our finger on the pulse of the concrete industry. This includes anything from looking at revolutionary inventions, such as BioConcrete, adapting techniques for improved concrete floor repair, or developing greener procedures in order to improve our – and your – environmental impact.

We love being able to pass our acquired knowledge onto our valued customers, with one major avenue being through our industry-insider blog. While we love being able to help our valued customers get the most out of their purchase, we also enjoy being able to stress the advantages of the services that the team at PSR Industrial Flooring deliver. One such service is our durable epoxy coated flooring, but not only is there a wonderful longevity to our product, but it also delivers a fantastically green flooring solution.

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Environmental Maintenance

These coated floorings are super easily cleaned. In fact, coated flooring can be maintained using an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution with detergent-free scrubbers. This prevents the need for harsher chemicals and thus the need for getting rid of such abrasive materials. Even when using the usual methods of cleaning your flooring, the epoxy coating is so easy to clean that it not only saves time on cleaning, but also the amount of solution needed.

Reflects Light

The fact that epoxy coatings serve to reflect light off their surface seems somewhat of an insignificant point until you hear the impact that they can actually have. An epoxy coated floor can actually boost your flooring’s light reflectivity by up to 300%, offering the potential for a significant saving on your energy bills.

Repair Rather Than Replace

Through being able to simply apply a tough coating to the surface of your old, worn concrete floor, you are preventing the need for it to be torn out. Not only does this reduce the amount of materials you require, it significantly reduces the time, as well as man and machine power necessary. Also, it reduces not only your company’s contribution to a landfill, but your spending on Landfill Tax.

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Not only does an epoxy coated floor offer a fantastic avenue for improving your company’s environmental impact, it can serve to reflect your company’s commitment to greener issues; something that many team members consider an important factor when working for a company.

So, if you would like to discuss your company’s flooring needs, or how our epoxy coating can help your company improve their green-status, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 01226 382864, where we are always eager to answer any questions or address your individual requirements.


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