Feeling The Heat

Conducting expert concrete solutions, such as our professional floor screeding or grinding, there are many things you need to consider. Paramount of all is the client specifications and requirements. This can involve the particular floor type, the size and taking into consideration their particular industry. However, one thing that can be prone to risk affecting the quality of the job is the temporal environment within which the work is conducted; namely heat.

With the final trickles of summer still washing over us we feel it is still relevant to discuss the effect of heat on the concrete application process. Plus, as you’re aware, sometimes we are blessed with a late summer, so it’s best to plan ahead – we hope!

Having said that, heat can play havoc on concrete throughout all stages of the flooring process; from making the concrete, to application, to allowing it to dry, the heat likes to make it that little bit more awkward. Fortunately, our experienced professionals can handle your flooring needs in any weather, but there are certain aspects we need to be constantly aware of.

Concrete Room

Concrete Strength

In elevated heat the strength of concrete is greater earlier in the entire process. Whether that’s the mixing, pouring, curing or applying, the temperature affects the strength greatly.


Higher temperatures and hotter weather can have a negative effect on the time of proper curing, which in turn has a knock on effect on the strength of the concrete.


Drying is a particularly vulnerable stage of the whole process when it comes down to the effect of heat. Not only can it be difficult to judge when it will be ready, it can cause cracking and shrinkage. Much of the water can be lost through absorption or evaporation, further promoting cracks.

Cement Hydration

Cement hydration is an extremely important aspect of the concrete process. Too much or too little hydration affects the drying time, as well as the overall strength of the material being laid down. The process of cement hydration is exothermic, generating significant levels of heat, so with the concrete already being hot, the higher temperatures significantly accelerate the cement hydration.

Empty Concrete Room with Opening Ceiling

The cement in the concrete draws in water and produces crystals which, in turn, are realised around the aggregate particles, regardless of the temperature. However, if the cement is already hot, then the process is sped up, with the crystals growing larger quickly, meaning they have less time to become physically stronger. If the concrete is as much 18°F higher than usual, then the overall strength can actually be as much as 10% lower!

The Methods

Initially, the first thing to consider when operating in heat is to use ingredients that are as cool as possible. Concrete needs to be less than 80°F, so simple ideas to implement may be to use chilled water in the mixing process. Alternatively, you could of course add evaporation retarding admixtures, which serve to aid in the delay of the concrete setting time. However, add too much and you risk delamination or surface crusting.

Other potential ideas revolve around much more basic solutions, such a considering the use of wind breaks as dry heat can serve to elevate the rate at which the concrete out. Equally, working in the evening is a potential way to guarantee that your concrete has a few more hours to dry, unaffected by heat from the sun. Everything from the application of wet burlap or water fogging over the surface of the concrete also helps to keep the levels of moisture high. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting creative to keep the pesky sun from raining on the parade!

Concrete Room with Light

At PSR Industrial Flooring we have every confidence in each and every one of our experienced flooring specialists. Having knowledge of how to cope with our work in more extreme conditions guarantees that the end product of our labours isn’t negatively affected and through acting early, we are assuring that our product is as top-drawer as it always is.

So if you would like to seek the services of our highly skilled flooring experts, or would simply like to discuss the extent of our services further, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01226 382864, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call.


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