Flooring For High-Traffic Zones

At PSR Industrial Flooring, whether we’re conducting our professional floor grinding services or offering you our informative in depth blog, we always take care in providing you the most up-to-date insider industry information. Well, as industrial specialists in the concrete flooring industry, one thing we are made aware of with each customer visit is the need for specific protective flooring for high-traffic areas.

High-traffic zones are the ones which come in contact with the most footfall and machinery impact. These are often entranceways or production areas and are in need of a special type of protection in order to provide them enough reinforcement to help it stand up against the continuous stress.

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The flooring in a high-traffic area needs to be extremely durable. Constant pressure and impact can begin to cause a high level of abrasion and lead to the deterioration and crumbling of a flooring system; even concrete. One way of standing up to this is through the application of a resinous coating; this helps to offer a substantially greater life cycle to the flooring, providing a floor which will need much less repairs and maintenance.


With regards to this particular type of flooring’s level of maintenance, it’s important that the flooring of a high traffic area doesn’t need maintaining or repairing frequently. Any maintenance of repairs that are undertaken will interrupt the flow of traffic. This could be anything from preventing the easy movement of your customers, to the continued travel of machinery throughout your factory; disruption can be incredibly harmful to productivity or profits.



The floor in a high-traffic area must look fit for purpose. As there is a large amount of footfall or machinery impact, it must be clear and inviting. If it’s in a warehouse, the flooring must make it clear that it is for a specific purpose (i.e. show directions) or that it is fit for purpose (i.e. no cracks). If it is in a retail environment it must look equally clean, clear and free from damage in order to reflect well on the high quality of the business. A cracked and ugly floor will not attract customers in the same way as an attractive one. Again, the obvious choice for this would be a resinous flooring; it is high impact so won’t crack easily and it comes in a range of different colours.


The versatility of a resinous floor system is another aspect which makes it perfect for use in high-traffic areas, as these can be anywhere from the entrance of a warehouse to the exit of a shopping mall. So, whatever your business, the chances are you would benefit from a resin coated concrete flooring system in order to provide your business with the level of flooring protection that it not only requires, but quite frankly deserves.


Therefore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of flooring professionals and enable us to provide you with the ultimate flooring system to address your particular business needs. All you have to do is contact us on 01226 382864, where we are always available to meet your requirements and answer any questions that you may have.


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