Hire a Professional: Never Cut Corners

Conducting everything from our professional floor screeding to our concise and essential floor grinding there are numerous safety precautions and pre-considerations which we need to establish. When you are opting for your industrial flooring and, as a result, selecting your particular specialist, it is essential to select a company you know have the experience and industry knowledge to provide you with a flooring system you can rely on for years to come.

One mistake many people make is to either have their concrete flooring or epoxy coating installed or applied by someone who is cheaper, and therefore likely to cut corners – some even opt to do it themselves. If you are one of the latter then you risk a whole array of potential workplace hazards occurring and we can absolutely guarantee that it will work out more expensive in the long run!

Don’t Rush It

When running a business the temptation is there to have the job completed as quickly as possible. One way of doing this is by cutting out several essential steps in the laying of your floor, or even the preparation. If this is done then you are essentially booking in another appointment to have the flooring touched up in next to no time at all, particularly if you work in an industry where the impact on your flooring is large; usually from machinery or large footfall.


Uneven Coating

If you try coating the concrete floor yourself then you are almost certainly going to be unaware of all the preparation that goes into safely coating a concrete floor. If you don’t remove dust or dirt before covering the surface then the coating will essentially fail to work as you intended and become completely unsafe.

Damage to Your Concrete Floor

If you apply your coating incorrectly then you risk certain contaminants eating away at the structural integrity of the concrete flooring below. In doing so you are making a lot more work for yourself and costing your company a great deal more money than necessary.

Voiding Warranty

If you are knowingly cutting corners, then you are voiding any warranty that may be covering your once pristine concrete floor. As such, you are not only causing a safety hazard, you are invalidating any chance of covering any cost incurred from having your flooring repaired professionally… which will need to happen if you attempt to cowboy your way into a cheap flooring!

Resin Flooring

Don’t Jeopardise Safety!

By having a go at completing the flooring yourself or opting for a cheap alternative, you are not only damaging the integrity of your flooring and ruining it for future use, you are jeopardising the safety of your invaluable staff. Why one would even consider cutting corners is dumbfounding; safety should be your number one priority and when conducting botch-jobs on your industrial flooring, you are telling everyone that safety is bottom of your agenda.

If you would like your concrete flooring laying or your coating applied by industry professionals with a wealth of experience, then contact one of our friendly team at PSR Industrial Flooring on 01226 382864. There is no substitute for a vast array of industry experience and a professional attitude.


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