How a Resin Coating Boosts Your Business Profits

Our concrete floor is the perfect long-term flooring solution for your business. Through installing a brand new concrete floor, or even opting for concrete floor repairs service, you can provide you and your company with an effective floor long into the future.

One way to guarantee that your floor can last even longer into the future is through the installation of an epoxy resinous coating. Installing such a floor and coating is actually so effective and efficient that we can confidently say that opting for this flooring for your particular business or industrial setting can genuinely serve to save your company money, thus boosting profits.

Increased Safety

The ability to improve safety when installing a concrete floor with a resinous coating cannot be underestimated. Safety is absolutely paramount, and can be affected through the deterioration of your particular business flooring. These cracks lead to trips, slips and falls and can cost a business a great deal of money in the way of compensation, as well as a reduction in productivity and loss of business.



Less Damage to Flooring

When such a crack develops, your company must not slack when it comes to getting it repaired. Not only will it lead to the above safety issues, but can also cause damage to machinery… and machinery is not cheap to replace! It pays to opt for a resin coating on your flooring; literally. Not only does it reduce the number of slips and trips – being anti-slip and being able to stand up to heavy impact – it also needs repairing less!


Easy To Clean

With an easy to clean surface, the time taken to clean it is vastly reduced. This reduces the man hours necessary for the cleanliness of your warehouse, and means that your staff can spend their time more productively elsewhere.

Better Impression

Besides the less cracks, the improvements to safety and the effective use of staff time, having a better looking and less damaged flooring in place can only offer a greater image to any visitors which tour your workplace. While it may be considered somewhat of a leap, this can ultimately lead to more business, certainly as your warehouse will make your company look much more reliable than one with a dirtier work environment with less efficient warehouse practices.

Epoxy 3

What a difference a floor makes! The longevity and durability of a solid flooring system has umpteen improvements both directly and indirectly on both your staff and profits. If you are in any doubt as towards the improvements such a flooring system can make to your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our flooring specialist with any questions. You can contact us on 01226 382864, where we are always eager to give your business the most efficient, versatile and durable flooring system available.


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