How to get the Green Warehouse of the Future

Our industrial flooring expertise often takes us to the warehouses of big companies who want to keep their business as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst still giving something back to the planet that has served them so well. Sadly, a lot of people are put off ‘going green’ because they think it could put them too far out of pocket – when actually, the opposite is true!

That’s right; focussing on sustainability at your warehouse won’t just show consumers that you’re an ethical brand they can trust, but also help you to cut costs and save resources. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, we thought we’d help you out with some of our best tips for getting the greenest warehouse on the block…

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Although a sustainable warehouse can bring many benefits at once, it’s worth considering which you want to be your main focus. If your key goal is to reduce the energy that you’re wasting, you’ll want to make slightly different changes than if you have an eye to starting a recycling initiative that you can share with customers.

Ultimately, you might plan to implement a long list of changes, but clear goals will allow you to decide on a strategy with a clear idea of what to prioritise.

Small Changes Equal Big Savings

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Would you think that something as small as switching out your warehouse’s light bulbs could shave a significant portion off your energy bill? Lighting a warehouse takes a lot of power, as good visibility is absolutely essential for employees who are operating machinery or hunting down stock with a fast turnaround. A lot of conventional bulbs swallow up energy, so simply by switching to energy saving alternatives (which can be just as bright and powerful as their energy guzzling equivalents) you can save your wallet… and the world!

Be Recycled, Be Recyclable

Recycling might be an obvious suggestion, but there’s more to it than meets the eye – it’s certainly not just a case of recycling the stuff that you’re throwing out (although that’s always a good place to start!) You can also try and use supplies and packaging which are not just recyclable, but already recycled; the ink which you use to label stock, for instance, can easily be switched out for an alternative made using recycled materials.

Moving out of the warehouse for a moment, if you want to show a real commitment to recycling then you can also make the products that you sell recyclable.

If You Want to Go Big, You Can Literally ‘Go Green

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Usually when people talk about going green it refers to general environmentally friendly practice, but an exciting recent design trend has put a far more literal spin on the phrase – actual green roofs. Businesses have been planting out their warehouse and office roofs with company gardens and using the space to grow fruit and veg – cutting down on lunch costs and providing a fantastic team-building activity for employees.

Sure, this may sound a little ambitious, but if you’re really looking to make a big impact then it could be the perfect way to make a splash. Just make sure that your roof is suitable to be accessed by staff, and that you’re not violating any planning laws!

Our LPG Generators give a more Environmentally Friendly Finish

We’re proud to say that as a company which uses LPG generators, we can offer a more environmentally friendly finish on our warehouse flooring – yet another way for you to improve your company’s sustainability and help clients feel great about your brand. To find out more, get in touch with us today online or at 01226 382864; we’d love to answer any and all of your queries.


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