Hygiene and Safety: The Importance of Resin Flooring in Food Preparation

Having the right flooring system is important for any business, and this is certainly the case when it comes to areas where food is prepared. Whether you own a food processing factory or a restaurant, it is essential that you have the right flooring to suit your requirements.

At PSR Industrial Flooring, we are leading providers of industrial floor coatings in the UK, and we know how to find the right kind of flooring for you. Here, we will show you why it is important that you use resin flooring in your food preparation area, and also the benefits that this kind of flooring can offer you.


Food Safety and Flooring

Food safety is vital for any business involved in food preparation, and it is essential that the flooring you have in your food preparation area is properly suited to food safety requirements.

According to the NHS, food contamination is a leading cause of food poisoning, gastroenteritis and other major illnesses. These issues can occur when food is cross-contaminated, which can happen when, for example, a surface that has been touched by raw chicken is not washed, and then is touched by another food item such as salad.

The foods that are most prone to bacterial contamination are meat, poultry, eggs and egg products, shellfish, seafood and soft cheeses, and therefore if you are dealing with any of these products you must ensure that the working environment allows you to prevent food contamination as much as possible.

It is because of this that it’s vital you have a type of flooring that is easy to clean and sterilise. Resin floors are very easy to clean and maintain, and have an enhanced chemical resistance that means they won’t sustain damage when cleaned with harsh cleaning chemicals.

Corrosive Ingredients and Concrete Degradation

Many food products that are commonly used in food preparation areas such as kitchens and factories can contain corrosive ingredients, such as the acids found in citric fruits, and these ingredients can cause serious damage to certain types of flooring over a sustained period of time.

Concrete degradation is dangerous and costly, and therefore it is vital that you have the right flooring on your premises to deal with constant exposure to corrosive ingredients. Resin flooring has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosive ingredients, and therefore it can not only withstand frequent exposure to these types of ingredients, but also allow you to clean these types of spills promptly and easily.

Resin Flooring

Slips and Trips

Having the right flooring in your food preparation area is not only essential for preventing contamination and concrete erosion, it’s also crucial for ensuring the safety of your employees.

In 2013/14, over 21,000 workplace accidents were caused by slips and trips. However, these accidents can be prevented by choosing the right flooring for your work environment. A non-slip material such as resin flooring can prevent your employees from slipping or tripping on uneven surfaces with no grip whatsoever.

A resin floor will also allow you to clean up any spills as soon as they happen without worrying about efficiency or taking too much time to mop. High quality resin flooring is the perfect flooring solution to prevent slips and trips in any food preparation area.


It is extremely important that any workplace has the right flooring, and resin flooring is perfectly suited to all the requirements involved with food preparation. At PSR Industrial Flooring, we can provide the perfect flooring to suit the needs and requirements of any business. For more information, visit our website today or contact us by calling 01226 382864.


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