Improving Your Facility’s Efficiency… Logistically Speaking

As industry leaders in the field of concrete floor repairs and provision we are continually looking for new developments in technologies, materials and techniques in which to improve not only our productivity and efficiency but ultimately, yours. At PSR Industrial Flooring we understand the worth of having a carefully implemented concrete floor system, be that through the use of demarcation or simply just having a lovely, smooth floor!

In the past we have taken a look at the many advantages of applying a concrete floor to a car park and why this is the perfect partner for such a terrain. However, we felt the logistics and distribution sector needed a little education on the reasons why concrete flooring is the ultimate flooring choice when selecting the ultimate floor material. When it comes to streamlining your company’s efficiency, we are here for you.

Logistics and Distribution

A concrete floor in a logistics and distribution centre is paramount to the improved and sustained efficiency of your company and the work practices you undertake in your warehouse. Of course, we can’t claim to compete with your hard-working staff, but even forklifts and a well organised storage system pale into insignificance next to the importance of strong and smooth concrete flooring in your distribution centre.


Wear and Tear

There is no other part of your workplace that will undergo quite as much wear and tear on a minute by minute basis, let alone daily or even yearly. Allowing it to depreciate means you are allowing the pennies and pounds to mount up on top of your overheads. One of the most ridiculous parts of this being allowed to happen is the relative speed at which a fantastic concrete floor, completely fit for purpose, can be laid down and implemented.


The knock on effect of allowing the floor to depreciate is not only felt in your wallet, but in the lead time of your company’s delivery and the overall efficiency of your whole distribution operation. You can have the finest machinery and the greatest of shelving, but skimp on the basics and you will be slowing down and losing money in every aspect of the distribution business.


With pallet movement alone you can expect a greater throughput, however consider the implications on overall maintenance. With a sturdier and more hardwearing industrial floor you will need less upkeep on the overall costs of the facilities with machinery experiencing less abrasive terrain. This will prove beneficial for the overall life of your machinery meaning your overheads on warehouse machinery spending and repair will be significantly reduced.

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When it comes to safety there is no excuse for cutting corners. Your greatest asset is your staff, so improvements to the overall safety of your company can only be a massive and unrivalled positive. However, not only does having a wonderfully flat and crack-free floor have implications on the direct safety of your staff – fewer trips and falls for example – but it also means that the machinery and storage systems that you have in place can work ever more efficiently and safely alongside each other.


Boosting the safety of your distribution zone not only indicates that you’re willing to up the game when it comes to efficiency and safety, but will have an absolute improvement on morale. When an employee sees that you’re willing to take the plunge to up your logistics game they will feel not only safer, but also have greater confidence in your company as a whole. Also, what says ‘dependability’ more to a visiting client than a well maintained, efficient and happy working environment?

We accept that as leaders in the field of industrial flooring we would say that; but the advantages don’t lie. A safe, successful and efficient working environment is all an owner and an employee could ask for, so considering one of our industrial flooring solutions makes sense both financially and for morale.

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To discuss the possibility of acquiring our services, or simply to discuss what services we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call today and contact us on 01226 382864; allow us the opportunity to make your logistics and distribution environment a more effectively efficient place!


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