Is Your Epoxy Resin Up to Scratch? Diagnosing Common Problems

Your epoxy resin coating is important, especially when your work environment needs a good, resistant floor, like commercial kitchens. Like with screed application, if the resin is not properly applied, it can result in damages to your floor, so it’s important to know what to watch out for.

We’ve already discussed how to recognise issues with your screed, and likewise epoxy has several common problems that you can spot, which need to be resolved for you to not only have a good looking floor, but also a floor that is well applied and durable.

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The Symptom: Dull Surface

After your epoxy resin cures and dries, you might notice that your floor doesn’t have the signature gloss.

The Diagnosis: Improper Mixing

The Cure: Re-Coat Your Floor

The glossy finish isn’t a property of the resin itself; when applying it on a floor, once it cures you have to add a coat of enamel or polyurethane over it. If your issue isn’t as serious and the dull surface is from wear and tear, then an electric polishing machine can bring shine to your dull floor.

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The Symptom: Bubbling

Deformities on the epoxy coat can be a common issue, and they are usually easily seen.

The Diagnosis: Air beneath the Coating

The Cure: Depends on when You Notice It

If there’s direct sunlight on your epoxy coating when it’s applied, it will cure too fast and it’ll create a greenhouse effect, causing air to build up and expand the coating. If noticed during the prime coat installation, the bubbles can be popped and stretched by using a metal porcupine roller. It’s a well-known method of stopping the issue in its beginning stage. If you only notice after applying the prime coat, the best solution is to re-prime the area or, in more serious cases, to apply a thin epoxy patch material before re-priming. Sometimes, the bubbling is noticeable after the application of the finish coat and, depending on the seriousness of the damage, sanding the area and patching it with a topcoat material is your best solution.

The Symptom: Cloudiness

When epoxy resin dries, sometimes it doesn’t dry clear. It can look cloudy and have a hazy patch or patches throughout the coat.

The Diagnosis: Too Much Moisture in Your Epoxy

The Cure: Heat the Moisture Out

Moisture can be introduced when the resin is applied, which is why warmer weather is advised for the application day. Applying heat in moderation to the affected areas will cause the moisture to disappear. However, too much heat can cause bubbles to appear in your coat, so the help of professionals is always a good choice to avoid creating a second problem in your epoxy floor.

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Here at PSR Industrial Flooring we want you to have a problem free floor. Whether you’ve noticed these issues with your epoxy resin floor after it was applied, or you want our professionals to install it and ensure a good application, you can give us a call on 01226 382864.


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