Is your Screed Up to Scratch? Diagnosing Common Problems (Part 2)

We’re often called out to locations where screed has already been laid down, but the job hasn’t been carried out properly, and we’re tasked with fixing it. Whilst we’re happy to help out, it’s easy to correct something that has been identified sooner rather than later.

However, saying this, we understand that not everyone is a flooring expert and therefore find it extremely difficult to notice any issues or problems.

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If you cast your mind back to last year, you might remember us writing a post that looked at some of the most common problems people experience after having screed put down in their industrial setting. We identified the symptoms of a problem, what the problem was and how to solve it as quickly as possible.

Since then, we’ve been putting together a guide to even more problems, so that you can identify and fix them ASAP.

The Symptom: Cracking of the Screed

If you notice any extensive cracking within your screed flooring, it’s definitely a sign that you have a problem. The cracks could be small or large – neither should be ignored.

The Diagnosis: Poor Design

The Cure: Specialist Repair Techniques

When screed flooring begins to crack, we think it’s important not to cut out and replace the affected area. This is because it’s more likely to spread to other areas or extend the cracked area so that it’s even worse. Instead specialist repairs must be carried out ASAP. This includes treatments such as resin injections – injected through holes that are drilled through the screed. You should always contact a flooring specialist to carry out the work.

The Symptom: Flaking

Flaking is when your floor begins to flake from the surface. This will often happen in very thin sections.

The Diagnosis: Too Much Moisture

The Cure:  Test Moisture Levels

It’s important that your concrete flooring has as little moisture as possible. You can check the amount of moisture within your flooring by carrying out a simple test. This involves taping the edges of a 2×2 plastic sheet onto the surface which seals all the edges. After 48 hours, check the plastic sheet or concrete for evidence of moisture. It’s always best to bring in a flooring expert to correct any problems you find.

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The Symptom: Curling of Screed

This is when there is an obvious difference in screed level within the joints of the flooring. Generally, this will be that one side is a lot higher than the others. Often, this will cause unwanted movement at the joints.

The Diagnosis: Unbonded Screed Construction

The Cure:  Apply Sheet Flooring

When there is a significant curling of the screed, it’s possible to apply a solid piece of sheet flooring that should be left in place for around a week before applying any finishes to the flooring. This will send moisture elsewhere and considerably reduce the curling of the screed.

If you find any problems with your industrial flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialise in floor screeding, floor coatings and floor repairs.

Whether you want us to repair flooring that has been installed incorrectly or you’re looking to have it installed for the first time, please get in touch.

Give us a call on 01226 382864.




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