Keep Your Customers Safe and Sound! Preventing Risks in Retail

When we’re laying top quality flooring or conducting industrial floor repairs, we often find ourselves in shopping centres and supermarkets; often our clients are conducting crucial flooring maintenance to ensure that shoppers (and employees!) are kept safe while they’re filling the trolley and scouting out the best bargains.

With all the obvious trip hazards which can come about as the result of damaged flooring, this definitely an important step to take when looking to keep your consumers safe and sound while they shop. However, there are plenty of other important steps that you can take to keep risks in your stores down to a minimum.

Don’t Dim the LightsChristmas Lights Background - iStock_000027783904_Large

Mood lighting is a popular way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere inside a store, but before you dim the lights too far, spare a thought for how it’s going to affect visibility. If somebody spills their drink or leaves a potential trip hazard lying around then the best way to stop anybody injuring themselves – before your staff spot it and clean up – is making sure that they can actually see it!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use ambient lighting if you’re trying to conjure up a certain mood; simply make sure that you assess the impact that it has on visibility, and adjust the balance accordingly.


Tidy Wires and Cableselectric cable

It’s an unavoidable fact that most stores need a lot of electronic equipment, and most electronic equipment will use a lot of wiring or cables to stay up and running. Even if you think that these are well out of the way, you need to make sure that they’re secure – a loose wire can quickly become a trip line which has the potential to cause a very nasty fall.

While cable tidies are a good start, never underestimate the curiosity of young children – if they manage to slip away from their carers then they might start tugging at any wiring which has been left exposed! Electronic wiring is also a huge fire hazard if it isn’t stored properly.  The ideal solution is to house any wires or cables within dedicated casing which keeps them off the floor and well out of harm’s way.

Rearrange Your Shelving

Most shops follow a pretty standard shelving system – the conventional supermarket aisle has produce stocked from the floor up. Although this design certainly allows you to pack a lot of stock in, it doesn’t do anybody any favours when they have to bend down to reach something on the bottom shelf.

You don’t need to throw out the whole system, but it could be worth looking into stocking the most popular items in the middle shelves where people won’t have to stretch, bend or otherwise contort themselves when they want to grab something!


Keep Employees Trained for Emergenciesfemale supermarket worker and team

Even if you take all of the precautions that we’ve listed, accidents and emergencies could still happen – there are some things which can’t be predicted, or are too difficult to prevent. You can minimise the harm that occurs in these situations by ensuring that all of your staff know how to cope, the next steps that they should take, and who they should approach if they don’t have the necessary skills.

This means ensuring that people know essential first aid skills and, perhaps most importantly, know how to stay calm and keep the customers calm whilst dealing with a situation, whatever it might be.

Of course, all of these tips are a lot less useful if you don’t have solid, stable flooring as the foundation – you need to make sure that people are steady on their feet! If you think that your industrial flooring might need a bit of TLC then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with PSR; you can find us online or call at 01226 382864 – we’d love to help you out.


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