Keeping Your Flooring Clean

When it comes to warehouse and industrial spaces, it may not seem all that important to keep the space clean. Indeed many warehouses up and down the country have floors that have more and more grime trodden further into them every day.

As the old saying goes, though, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ and the slightly lesser known one ‘a dirty floor will cost you money in time’ (it’s a saying in our office anyway!) so a clean floor is a must for an efficient business. As experts in floor screeding and replacement flooring solutions, we’ve seen plenty of damaged and dirty floors and like to think that we know a thing or two about keeping them clean.


To help you to make sure that your floor remains as clean and hopefully undamaged as possible, we’ve got a list of our top tips for making sure that your floor is spick and span.

Pick the Right Material

One of the most important factors in keeping a floor perfect is making sure that you pick the right one in the first place. It is important to consider your needs as well as the factors and conditions that your flooring will need to put up with.

For example, a polished floor is simply not going to be a viable option for floors that will often become wet as it could lead to injury.

Absorbent Mats at Entrances

Most of the dirt that comes into your warehouse or factory will be tracked in by people’s feet and vehicles such as forklift trucks and pallet trucks. Installing an absorbent mat ensures that any mud and debris is removed from feet and wheels before it has chance to be tracked in to the premises.

It’s important to remember that your average door mat won’t cut it and could even become dangerous, make sure that you use an industrial solution.


Air Purifier

Dust! It gets absolutely everywhere and it can make the place look incredibly untidy. High traffic areas are usually fine but off the beaten track can become a dust fest if you’re not careful. An air purifier is a great way around this as it allows you to actually reduce the amount of dust in the air meaning that the dust takes far longer to build up.

By filtering the air within your building in order to remove particles, air purifiers not only lessen dust, they also improve the quality of the air that you and your workers breathe.

Regular Cleaning

It seems almost too simple to mention but regular cleaning is an essential step towards having a nice clean floor. Whether you simply need to have a good sweep or go a little bit further with a mop, a good clean removes the dirt and stops it from spreading and potentially causing damage.

Make sure that you aren’t too harsh with your cleaning or choice of cleaning products and you are sure to keep your floor clean enough to eat off.

Spot Clean

In order to supplement your regular cleans it is important to spot clean as you go in order to make sure that spills and other messes are dealt with quickly. When a spillage is left it quickly begins to be tracked around and the mole hill of a spill quickly becomes a mountain of mess that can stain the floor as well as machinery and workers.


Far too often smaller spills become permanent stains when they are left or simply covered up so getting rid of them straight away can prevent future headaches.

If you’ve neglected these steps in the past or perhaps recently acquired a property whose owners were a little less concerned with keeping the floor useable then worry not as we can help. We offer a range of flooring solutions to suit your needs perfectly. To find out which is perfect for you simply contact us today and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


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