New Year New Floor: Prepare Your Floor for 2016

You may have survived a hectic Christmas period and are in the midst of stocking and supplying for the rush of the January sales, but how’s your industrial flooring holding up? We know it may be concrete but believe it or not, concrete- for all its strength- is still at risk of chips, cracks and the general wear and tear of heavy traffic.

To avoid any nasty- and costly- industrial floor repairs, be sure to take great care of your industrial flooring.

Prevent Damage to Equipment

While you may have had the chance to relax and recharge your batteries after a busy 2015, you industrial floor has carried on working. You may not have noticed- or not thought much of- the cracks working their way along your flooring construction joints. As you drive  your forklift trucks across these cracks you may only think of them as a slight bump and nothing to be concerned about.

In actual fact these cracks and are slowly causing serious damage to your forklifts and other warehouse equipment. Wearing down your tires and constantly testing your equipments suspension can lead to costly repairs on your equipment. One way you can avoid this is with joint repairs and re-seals, which consists of saw cutting out the section of effected concrete before filling with either a specialist repair mortar (for joint repairs) or with a joint sealant which allows for floor movement (for joint re-seals).


Forklift in front of shelving system at warehouse


Prevent Risks to Employee Health

We’ve mentioned a couple of times about the importance of safety in your warehouse. One way you can prevent any accidents in the workplace from occurring, is by making sure your floor is smooth and level.

Very rarely do people actually trip over their own feet, if anything, they trip because something is in their way. This can be anything from objects scattered around your warehouse floor, to uneven flooring. Whether its inside your warehouse, or outside, making sure your industrial flooring is smooth and even will greatly reduce the risk of accidents occurring in your workplace. Most of our floor screeds can be laid within 12 to 24 hours in order to minimise the amount of disruption to your work.




Prevent Confusing Warehouse Organisation

Another way 2015 may have effected your warehouse flooring is by rubbing off your carefully applied resin flooring. There’s a number of reasons why a high- quality, non-slip floor coating is important in your workplace. Not only do they further prevent accidents in your warehouse, but they’re also great for helping to clearly label which part of your building does what jobs.

When floor coatings have faded or been rubbed off in areas, not only does it look messy, but it also carries its own safety risks and can confuse any of your new employees as to the organisation of your warehouse. To help keep everything in working order, we specialise in providing epoxy resin flooring for all establishments.


 Coating for walkways.


If you’d like to make sure your industrial flooring is up to scratch for 2016, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01226 382864 today.



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