Out With the Old and In With the New! Renovating Your Warehouse

If you’re finding that your business is expanding faster than your warehouse wants to let it, then it could be time to look at options for renovating: create more space, and make better use of the space that you already have! Equally, if you’re moving into new premises and the warehouse is looking a little (or more than a little) run down, then you might be curious about the options that are available to you. Either way, we have you covered – from the floor to the roof, here’s everything you need to know about warehouse renovation.

Start With a Practical Design

Don’t rush into the design process; instead, take your time and think about the exact needs of your business. At this point it’s crucial to not only plan for your current needs, but to factor in the projections that you have moving forwards. If the products you store or your mode of operation is set to change in the not too distant future then it makes no sense to come up with a fantastic warehouse plan that will be made obsolete in just a few months.

To make sure that the updated warehouse continues to serve your needs into the future, take a while to think about the exact concerns that you want it to address. How do your pickers operate? Do you have a lot of people moving around the warehouse at the same time, or just a few with carefully targeted jobs? This will affect the kind of storage that you use, whether you go for wide or narrow aisles and the type of machinery that you decide to make space for.

The other important factor is the nature of the products that you’re going to be storing. Anything with an unusual shape – such as long metal beams – or items that are especially fragile will need dedicated storage systems designed with them in mind. You can also think about changes that you want to make that will ensure an easier life for you and your staff: is it going to be easier if you divide your warehouse into sections that can house individual product lines? Do you want to solve a particular problem, such as too much space being used to store empty pallets? Iron out the wrinkles while you’re still in the design process to ensure that the building work goes smoothly.

Getting Down to Business

Once you have a vision of where your warehouse needs to be, it’s time to start on the real work. Don’t settle for second best – once it’s been fully renovated you want your warehouse to work for you without any issues popping up in the future. Get the job done right first time, and you won’t find yourself having to do it all again in a year’s time.

The Walls

As part of your design, you might want to fit your warehouse out with some internal walls, whether to divide up the space or protect products from problems such as dust and smoke. There are a lot of great options available to you – industrial curtains can be especially useful as they avoid the permanence of installing concrete walls, but still offer all of the advantages.

The Roof

If your roofing is unstable then it’s time to do something about it, as this can quickly become a major hazard for workers. When in doubt, have your roof surveyed – many issues are invisible from the ground level – and follow any recommendations. This can also be a great opportunity to raise the ceiling and give your warehouse more of that most coveted resource: space. If local planning laws allow it then never be afraid to take the height of your warehouse up a few crucial inches!

The Floor

The floor is arguably the most important asset that your warehouse has, as if this isn’t solid and flat then none of your fantastic new storage will do its job properly, your workers won’t be able to move around the space effectively and the whole grand plan begins to unravel before your eyes.

To bring your existing concrete flooring up to the standard that you want then you need to look into floor screeding, the ideal way to upgrade industrial flooring and ensure that it’s entirely level. A quick option which is often ready to go within 24 hours, this combines efficiency and quality for results that will bring any warehouse up to scratch. We can talk you through your options for floor screeding and other industrial flooring to help you get the right solution for your space – simply get in touch at 01226 382864.


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