Painting By Sections

Painting your old, worn flooring may seem like a simple spruce up to you but it could be the difference between mundane life and organised bliss. There are many advantages to an industrial floor painting, we’ve named a couple in some of our other blogs such as Resinous Coating: Rejuvenate Those Concrete Floors, but have you ever considered something a little more interesting and indicative than a plain floor coating?

Floor Demarcations

The use of floor demarcation is common knowledge and has been used to direct generations of road users. From the trusty double yellow lines to the centre markings , directional indicators to the zebra crossing, floor demarcations have also been used in car parks, indicating floor spaces and where not to park your car. Amazingly enough, demarcations are also a blessing to the busy warehouse; arrows, indicators and strategically marked out floor spaces have helped workers for generations quickly store and retrieve items ready for delivery or usage.

Car parks have also worked to a similar effect, their clearly labelled car spaces have helped many travellers to easily find a parking space and have directed them into and out of the multi-storey car park without issue. Some developers, however, have taken a further step in ensuring for a quick and easy means of locating your vehicle after a busy day shopping: colour coding.



Colour Coding Flooring

Colour coding has become something of a sensations in industries and industrial buildings. The ingenious use of sectioning areas of a warehouse, kitchen or car park can be achieved for a number of different reasons:

  1. To ensure a quick and easy means of locating items, such as which level of a multi-storey car park you’re parked in, or to help your employees quickly and easily locate which area of a warehouse an item is stored in.
  2. To identify which areas in your industry do what jobs, such as which area of a manufacturers creates a product and which area fits it all together.
  3. To identify entrances and exits or important areas of a building, such as where to find the security desk or the reception area.

Though signposting works wonders, especially to members of the public, they can be easily overlooked or ignored. Creating a bold indication as to certain areas of your building can remove any hassle later on which may hinder productivity in your workplace, or cause disturbances to the general public.

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Know Your Colours

The colours you choose to highlight certain areas of your building can have different effects on people so it’s important to know which colours will stand out and which ones may simply not register.


For people who are colour blind, distinguishing between certain colours such as blue and yellow or red and green may be slightly problematic. The important thing to remember if you’re considering colour coding your industrial flooring is to keep such colours as far away from each other as possible, allowing those with colour blindness to easily distinguish between certain areas of your building without trouble.

Other colours we naturally relate to certain situations, such as:

Red= danger or stop

Green= go or safe

Naturally, as we’ve related these colours to certain situations it’s easy to use them to highlight specific areas of your building.


Colour coding your industrial floor painting has many benefits to helping organise your building be it a warehouse, car park, kitchen or supermarket. If, however, you wish to know more about our demarcations and floor coatings, contact us today on 01226 382864 for more information.


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