Preventing Traffic from Destroying Your Floor

At PSR Industrial Flooring our industrial flooring contractors are the perfect solution to providing you with a durable, reliable and long-lasting industrial flooring system. However, once we’ve installed the flooring, it’s down to you to keep it in good condition. Fortunately, concrete flooring does a good job of looking after itself, with its ability to withstand a great impact from traffic and chemical attack, however prolonged exposure could take its toll. There are of course numerous ways of preventing traffic from taking its toll in order to prolong the life of your flooring:

Protect High Traffic Areas

It stands to reason that sections of flooring that are used the most – particularly by vehicles and machinery – will suffer the most wear and tear. Where footfall is most prominent, such as at entrance ways, simple techniques like adding a rubber backed rug can extend the life of your floor. Another idea is to opt for epoxy resin coated flooring, as this can not only stand a greater impact, but offers a water resistance that non-epoxy coated flooring doesn’t.

Clean Up Spills

If you clean up spills straight away you can help to reduce the amount the floor is impacted; some liquids can be particularly corrosive. Equally, dry spills can be tempting to leave, even for a short period of time, but they too can take their toll; simply opt for a soft-bristled brush to help take care of such a spillage, helping to prevent further depreciation to your concrete flooring.

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Routine Cleaning

While this may be something you think you do, you could probably always do it more. By sweeping and mopping an epoxy floor you serve to reduce the need for major cleans, and even major repairs, and means that you always have a lovely and clean work environment. Bits of dirt and grit can serve to cause real damage to a concrete floor, epoxy coated or not, so by simply getting rid of these potential depreciators nightly, you can significantly reduce the need for maintenance and improve the longevity of your floor.

It’s easy to keep a concrete and epoxy-coated floor looking in tip top condition because they are so hardwearing, but if you allow for certain aspects of cleaning to slide then you can allow your floor to depreciate at a much quicker rate. If you have found that your floor needs a touch up, or you would like to discuss a full floor renovation with one of our friendly team of flooring experts, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us on 01226 382864, where we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to set you up with a durable and reliable industrial floor.


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