Protecting your industrial floor

A sturdy, dependable and reliable floor is vital to the success of your business, but even the hardest-wearing of materials may begin to show some signs of deterioration at some point.

Repairing or replacing your flooring can be costly, inconvenient and time consuming, but making sure your floor stays in good condition will also minimise the risk of accidents and keep your business moving smoothly. This means that it is well worth ensuring early that your floor is protected to a high standard. Below are some of the best ways your business can do just that:

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a hugely popular floor covering option in both industrial and commercial environments. It is created using a liquid resin combined with a hardener, solidifying the resin – the result is a long-lasting and reliable floor coating suitable for a variety of applications.

Epoxy resin is also slip-resistant and possesses anti-static properties, as well as becoming impervious to contamination when sealed. It also requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, meaning that an epoxy resin coating can be hugely beneficial for your business in terms of durability, ease of maintenance and hygiene.

Floor screeding

For businesses with a concrete floor, floor screeding is a quick and straightforward way of ensuring that it stays in top condition. A screed is essentially a relatively thin layer of concrete added to a floor to add a smooth finish or to sit underneath an additional covering, like carpet, and is typically made of a mixture of cement and sand.

Screeds are ideal for concrete industrial floors that have become worn-down and uneven over time or through damage, but have not sustained any serious, lasting structural damage. If any coating or treatment has been applied to the flooring beforehand, it will need to be completely removed before the screed can be applied. However, the screed itself is self-smoothing and dries quickly, so the process can usually be finished within 24 hours, leaving you with a smooth, well-protected industrial floor in no time.

Joint re-sealing and repairing

Faulty flooring joints are one of the most common problems businesses face with their industrial floor, and if left untreated can potentially cause injuries or serious damage to machinery and equipment. Joint wear occurs most commonly in concrete floors, especially when subjected to heavy traffic, but other types of flooring can be vulnerable too and if you notice any wear and tear in your floor, it’s well worth getting it checked out as early as possible.

Floor joints can be repaired, but this can sometimes be costly and it is often a good idea to have the joints resealed instead before a full repair becomes necessary. Joint re-sealing is done by removing and cleaning out the joint, before replacing the joint sealant. This can greatly improve the lifespan of the floor by increasing its durability, but also means that you needn’t go to the trouble or expense of having the floor replaced altogether.

PSR Industrial Flooring are experienced, professional floor contractors and are proud to provide an extensive range of high-quality flooring solutions. If you need any more information on how to make sure your industrial flooring is as well-protected and reliable as it can be, please feel free to contact us today on 01226 382864 or by emailing us at


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