Pub-Proof Your Floor

Pubs take a beating on a day to day basis. The booming beverage business sees hundreds of customers enter the premises day and night, meaning that the surfaces are more likely to incur damages and end up in need of industrial floor repairs.

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To avoid having to undergo repairs and potential closure of the bar, pub floors need to be maintained properly in accordance with the different substances that they have sloshed all over them.  Aside from the several spillages that occur in front of the bar, behind it the staff are slipping around on spilt beer and crunching through smashed beer glasses.

The amount of sugar in beer means that, when it dries on a surface, it creates a sticky scum that builds up and makes it difficult to clean. The correct flooring needs to be used so that residue from split alcohol doesn’t settle and dry in crevices that are difficult to clean.

PSR Industrial Flooring can provide your bar floor with a resin coating that protects it from the build up of substances that get used on a day to day basis.

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The smooth resin coating is perfect for the catering and beverage industry as it is easy to clean. It’s also a great choice for flooring that comes into contact with high levels of moisture as the surface is anti-slip and anti-static, making it safer for staff.

At the end of the trading day, bars will undergo substantial cleaning with chemicals that could be corrosive. PSR can give you advice on how much resin product build up or thickness needs to be applied on your floor in accordance with the types of chemicals that are used in your property to make sure you receive the right level of resistance to these different substances.

Modifications may also need to be made in other areas of the pub, such as the cellar. With the amount of crates and heavy barrels that get transported in and out, these floors are more likely to suffer damages as opposed to the bar floor, even if they’re made of concrete.

Traditional small wine cellar, picture taken at Moravia, Czech Republic.

Of course, the reconstruction of a concrete cellar floor space would be an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why PSR can provide, where possible, a cost-effective way of repairing only the damaged areas. Again, this prevents any disruption of your business with extensive construction work.

If you’re looking to implement any refurbishments in your establishment or wish to renovate a space that has undergone years of wear and tear, PSR Industrial Flooring provides a range of services to get you back in business. If you have a specific enquiry, be sure to contact us for further information – our team will be more than happy to discuss your particular requirements.


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