Resinous Coating: Rejuvenate Those Concrete Floors

With some concrete industrial flooring looking a little bit worse for wear after many years of use, why not look into giving your trusty old floor a bit of a makeover?

Here at PSR Industrial Flooring, we are really passionate about creating flooring that isn’t only practical and hardwearing, but that looks attractive to both you and your potential and existing customers.

In this blog, we are going to look at how the use of resinous coatings refreshes old, worn-out concrete flooring.

Recycle Old Flooring

Let’s face it, the thought of replacing an entire floor sounds expensive. With the use of a resinous coating, the amount of good concrete that is going to waste to make room for the new flooring is drastically reduced.

As the coating is placed on the existing flooring, nothing needs to be removed. This makes it far more cost effective; the ingredients for new fresh concrete aren’t cheap, especially when needed to repair any damage.

It also allows for easy future renovation, as the new floor can go over the top of the resin if required.

Highly Durable

Resinous floor coatings are extremely durable. They are highly resistant to damage such as scratches, stains, spills and heavy foot and vehicle traffic. This makes them perfect floor coverings for a wide range of environments, especially places such as a mechanic’s garage, where there will be multiple heavy objects making use of the floor… as well as a greater opportunity for impact damage.

They don’t need to be replaced frequently at all, so all-in-all, a great all-round investment!

Provides a Sanitary Environment

With a design that enforces a sanitary environment and no grooves or cracks where bacteria can lurk, resin floor coatings are an excellent choice for environments which need to remain sanitized, such as any health-related building.

They are so durable that they can be cleaned when necessary with harsh chemical cleaners, allowing a full thorough clean to be achieved!

They are easy to clean due to being smooth too, so it takes less effort to make your build look tidy and spotless. They are also able to deal with liquid spills and stains, which is perfect for some industrial environments, where an oil spill may be a daily occurrence.

Creates an Attractive Appearance

We don’t want your floor looking dull and boring. Adding a splash of colour into your building is an excellent way to change the atmosphere. Whether you want to promote your company colours, or just make the room feel a little bit less cold with a warm coloured floor, resinous flooring can help you achieve it.

You can even easily add a logo or specific floor markings if your room requires it, which can be corrected or updated when a resin covering is used. Again, this is much more cost effective in the long run than completely re-flooring the entire room when your circumstances change and the floor markings need to be re-done.

Can be Eco Friendly

There are some resin coatings that are created with recycled elements to decrease the impact on our planet.

By using techniques that require less energy to make these coatings, the carbon footprint of the creation process can be drastically reduced.

Less Waste During Installation

Resinous flooring has no cut-off waste when it is installed; you only use what you need. Unlike carpet and tiles, which need to be cut to size to fit, resin floor coverings are pretty much made to order, so you should have little to no waste when you apply it to your floor.

As mentioned above, the floor covering is extremely durable, and no cut-off waste is beneficial to the cost of any replacement that would need to take place. Less waste means less money squandered on off cuts you won’t use.

Whatever flooring plans you may have, PSR Industrial Flooring are here to help! From flooring repairs to resin coating your concrete flooring, we have a vast amount of experience in a range of different services. For more information on how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01226 382864 and talk to one of our dedicated team


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