Slipperiest Flooring Types

When choosing a floor there are several factors that affect the final choice that you make, such as colour and texture. One factor that is often overlooked though is how slippery the floor will be underfoot.

Whilst it is often overlooked it really shouldn’t be as slips and trips account for a significant amount of overall workplace injuries. Well thankfully, here at PSR, we are experts in industrial flooring and like to think we know which options to avoid if you are looking to avoid slips and trips.


Both granite and marble are beautiful to look at and create an incredibly attractive look wherever they are placed. Usually the preserve of high end offices and the occasional museum, they still find favour for the occasional high end shopping centre for their opulent aesthetic.

Despite this attractiveness, they are generally highly polished and have a very low traction surface. Couple this with hard soled shoes and it can be hard for people to keep their balance properly; this effect is multiplied when the floor is wet or damaged.


Laminate flooring is a very popular option as it is attractive as well as affordable therefore making it perfect for small shops and businesses. One of the most attractive aspects of laminate flooring is that it is incredibly flexible and there are plenty of designs available to suit all needs.

Unfortunately though, unless the surface of the laminate is textured, it can be incredibly slippery and cause people to slip and fall. Laminate is also softer than other options so can become damaged far more easily.


There are thousands of different types of tiles to choose from and they are perhaps the most popular choice in the UK for such spaces as retail outlets. Whether you are looking or a crisp and clean white look or something a little more complex, there are sure to be plenty of options in tile.

Unfortunately tiles, as with marble and granite, are generally highly polished and provide very little grip. On flat surfaces tile is slippery enough but they become far worse when on a slope and you will often see them covered with large mats when the weather is wet.

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A damaged floor is a potential nightmare for business owners as it can cause all manner of accidents involving both people and machinery. Even small amounts of damage can quickly become more serious and present a real danger.

Cracks in flooring can quickly lead to an area not only becoming a tripping hazard but can also lead to a puddle forming and creating a less obvious danger.


When it comes to slippery floors, by far the worst culprit is a wet floor and it is still the cause of more accidents than any specific flooring type.

Whether it is due to a spill or perhaps the weather being tracked in from the outside, a wet floor is something that every business will want to avoid. Thankfully there are steps that you can take in order to minimise the impact of a wet floor. Placing mats at all entrances to the building will ensure that the minimum amount of water is allowed to enter. Strategic placement of wet floor signage is also key to minimising injury.

We hope that this guide helps you to choose the best possible option for your next floor and avoid any slips and trips that can result from the above options. If you are looking for the perfect flooring option for you then thankfully you are in the right place. Simply contact us today and our experienced team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect option for you.


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