Spillages: How To Deal With Concrete’s Potential Kryptonite

Concrete floor is a fantastically durable flooring system for dealing with the impact of an industrial workplace. Conducting everything from our professional floor screeding services to our resin flooring application, we aim to provide your floor with only the finest longevity boosting services. One way that our team enjoy being able to help you cater to your concrete floor is through providing advice via our up-to-date industry insider blog.

As such, one area which we quite often receive queries regarding is the annoying matter of spillages. Regardless of whether it’s water, or something more abrasive, spillages can be incredibly detrimental to your concrete flooring. While concrete is incredibly durable and resistant to a great deal of impact – particularly if it’s epoxy coated – spillages can indeed ‘attack’ your flooring and potentially damage its overall durability, if not dealt with immediately.

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Deal With Spillages Swiftly

If you leave a puddle to stand for a length of time on your concrete flooring, then your floor could then begin to suffer. Not only will the aesthetic s become tarnished through water rings and staining, but stronger liquids – from solvents to fizzy pop – may even begin to dissolve it. If it is left for any ‘substantial’ length of time, while you may have tackled the surface damage, the liquid can begin to eat away underneath the surface and ruin the overall longevity of your flooring.

How to Help Prevent This

To help prevent spillages becoming an issue, it is best to educate your staff in the dangers of leaving a spillage and set up a spillage protocol, whereby you create a procedure for alleviating the potential damage. Prevention is always better than the cure, so make sure that your staff know to act quickly:

  • Mark the spillage area – i.e. wet floor sign / sectioning it off
  • Undergo manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedure for that particular liquid
  • Repeat until the floor is dry
  • Once fully dry, then you can assess the damage and remove the signage accordingly

Dependant on your place of work, spillages can be incredibly commonplace. It’s important to make sure that all spillages are treated with haste, but in a way that is completely parallel to safety procedures; a floor is replaceable, your staff’s well being is paramount.

If you find you are in the position where you need a new concrete floor, then PSR Industrial Flooring are here to help. Our friendly team of concrete flooring experts are always on hand to help address any queries you may have, or to discuss your flooring requirements, so get in touch. You can contact us on 01226 382864, where we are always eager to provide your business with a durable and reliable concrete flooring system.


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