The Best Floor For Your Commercial Kitchen

If you run a commercial kitchen you know just how busy and messy it can get. A lot of people tend to work in close proximity, so much so that they’re almost shoulder to shoulder and, adding that to the pressure of getting food out in time, that environment can quickly become hazardous as well.

It’s common to have spillages or for food to fall to the floor, which makes it difficult to clean and organise – and can even lead to slips and falls on the part of your employees. This means that ensuring your floor is easy to clean and slip-resistant is a must in commercial kitchens.

High Traffic

Due to the high traffic and hectic environment inside a commercial kitchen, you want your employees to stay safe all the time. By providing them with a floor they can move around on with confidence, even in a frenzy, they can perform their tasks better, which also benefits you and your business.

Having slip-proof shoes is always necessary, but to completely ensure the safety of the people in the kitchen you should have a floor that prevents them from sliding around, instead of one that becomes slippery when wet. Even though the right shoes can add stability, if the floor is not slip-resistant your employees might end up slipping and falling anyway.


Another very important factor for a commercial kitchen is ensuring sanitary conditions at all times. Because of the food and liquids that tend to be spilled during lunch or dinner rush hour, not only does the floor need to be easy to mop, but it also has to help prevent the growth and fostering of bacteria that accumulates over time – especially in the corners when cleaning can be more difficult. Avoiding a floor that stains easily is also important for a hygienic kitchen.

Objects Dropped

It’s common for pointy objects, such as knives, to be accidentally dropped to the floor. In some cases, heavier objects, like a pasta machine or a blender, might fall as well during service. You can choose a floor that doesn’t crack or puncture easily, so that even when accidents happen, you and your employees can be safe in the knowledge that the floor can withstand a variety of pressure and weight without getting damaged.

The Right Floor

A solution that offers all these benefits is epoxy. Adding a coat of epoxy to your concrete floor can ensure that you’re able to clean it in a quick and efficient manner, and that you and your employees will remain with your feet firmly on the ground. You’re also more likely to conduct your work in a sanitary environment because of it, as epoxy is extremely hygienic, as well as easy to maintain.

And, of course, epoxy is versatile and able to be tailored to your business’ needs, which means you can have a shiny floor in any colour you prefer – and by having a bright and colourful work environment, you can be sure that you can boost your employee’s satisfaction and productivity.


At PSR Industrial Flooring we want you to take full advantage of your commercial kitchen by ensuring you get the right floor. We offer epoxy solutions to a wide range of industries, so we understand just how to tailor our products to meet your requirements and those of your business. Contact us on 01226 382864 and talk to a member of our team to discuss your needs with us.


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