The Importance of Floor Demarcation

As specialist industrial flooring contractors, we are firmly of the belief that there’s little quite so important as the floor beneath your feet. Most people don’t give it too much thought, but the humble floor can offer a lot more than simply being a solid place to stand.

Floor demarcation is something that we all encounter, in some way, every day. We recognise the markings of a cycle path, a Zebra crossing, the lane markings of a motorway and the lines of a car parking space – at least, most of us do!

Within the confines of an industrial or commercial property, floor demarcation can play a powerful role in both health and safety and in organisation – so if your warehouse still has plain floors, read on to find out how it might be able to help you.

Which Way?

33Just as Dorothy followed the yellow brick road in the land of Oz, workers in warehouses and other industrial complexes around the country know where to go because there are yellow lines on the floor showing them the way. They’re often used to mark out traffic lanes and aisles, separating pedestrian workers from those on forklifts or other internal vehicles, which improves safety.

Why are these markings so universally yellow? Well, it’s easy to see, and we’re all accustomed to seeing yellow lines marking the edge of roads outside of work so it’s natural to use it to mark out the aisles indoors, too.

Where Does It Go?

fc11A well-organised workplace has a place for everything, and everything in its place. For large items such as forklifts and trolley jacks, floor demarcation is a simple way to identify their parking spaces. In warehouses, floor demarcation can be used to help identify storage areas; to identify the right place to set down pallets, or the correct place to put rejected stock ready for disposal.

You can also use different coloured flooring areas to mark out different parts of your process and the related storage; one colour for parts and materials, one for work in progress, another for finished items and another area for goods awaiting inspection.

Is It Safe?

No workplace is without its risks. Industrial properties in particular frequently have heavy machinery, workers at height, and other specific risks which apply to specific areas. Floor demarcation can be an effective way of identifying at-risk areas. Many employers choose to use red for this, as it is so often a standard colour for “danger” or “stop”. This may be to advise workers not to stand in a particular location, not to block an area with equipment or stock, to wear specific safety equipment in that area or simply to be aware of specific dangers; it’s advisable to use signage in combination with floor demarcation to ensure that the specific risks are clearly communicated.

Floor demarcation can also assist with emergency responses; it can be used to mark emergency first aid stations, to denote an area around firefighting equipment that must be kept clear, and even to show pointers towards the nearest emergency exit.

What Colours?

One of the most important factors to consider in a floor demarcation plan is what colours to use. It is important to limit the number of different colours you use, as an extensive scheme would make it difficult for employees to remember what each colour means. It is also important to use clearly differentiated colours; it’s much easier to tell the difference between black and yellow than it is to distinguish lilac from lavender.

Also remember to bear in mind issues that some employees may have with colour-blindness. The most common types are red-green and blue-yellow, but total colour blindness is not unknown; for this reason, it is sensible to combine colour-coded demarcation with written or symbolic indicators.

Whatever floor demarcation plan you have in mind, here at PSR Industrial Flooring we can assist with floor painting and a range of other services. For more information, contact us today on 01226 382864.


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