The Industrial Relevance of Anti-Static Flooring

When it completes to laying down or completing professional concrete floor repair, our PSR Industrial Flooring professionals are the go-to guys. However, it is surprising just how many people don’t realise how important selecting a specific type of flooring can be when it comes to the overall functionality and safety of your industrial workplace.

You would be forgiven for assuming that implementing an easy to clean and smooth floor would be perfect for your workplace – minimising the risk of trips, slips and falls – however there are hidden qualities to some types of flooring that could actually prove to be an unforeseen negative. For example, many people who lay concrete flooring in industrial settings don’t necessarily take into consideration the static charge that can potentially and dangerously build up without the right type of flooring.

Protect Your Staff and Your Machinery

With each incremental increase in the prevalence and power of machinery around the industrial workplace, the need for static resistant flooring goes up. Our high quality resin flooring is perfect for reducing and resisting the electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can occur from anything as seemingly innocuous as walking across your warehouse floor.

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Surely the ESD is harmless enough though, right? Well, without the application of the appropriate static control flooring, the risk of a reaction with potentially volatile substances, from powders to gases, could be potentially dangerous – and dependent on the material, it could be a significant danger.

Multi-Industry Applications

Due to the prevalence of machinery and volatile substances across a plethora of industries, opting for static resistant flooring is wise in essentially any industry. Everything from aerospace technology to hospitals and pharmaceutical plants could find themselves falling foul to the potential danger of ESD. It’s important to consider the application of anti-static floor coatings when deciding upon your potential flooring of choice, as without the proper consideration you could be leaving you, your staff, your customers and your assets open to an unfortunate incident.

If you feel like you have static concerns and would like to speak to a flooring professional, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly flooring experts. You can always contact us on 01226 382864, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call. It’s important to consider your well-being, so don’t let something so simply prevented affect your safety.


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