‘Thirsty Concrete’: Revisiting the Advantages

Frequent visitors to our industrial flooring blog will be remember our recent article regarding the seemingly miraculous – so dubbed – thirsty concrete, or pervious concrete as it is known in the industry. In the article we discussed the ability to modularise it and the subsequent effect on rapid road repair, as well as discussing its benefit towards dealing with flash floods and other mass surges of water.

However, due to the products numerous other advantages, we felt the product deserves a revisiting to enable us to discuss it further. For example, the product has various other environmental implications…

Helps to Purify Rainwater

The stormwater that hits any concrete is far from pure. Laced with all sorts of sediment and debris, the water also contains chemicals – from hydrocarbons to heavy metals – and can ultimately cause an increase in the amount of algae that develops. An excessive increase in algae in any given water system can actually be detrimental to aquatic life, shadowing over stream and river beds and hindering photosynthesis and, subsequently, plant growth.

fast river

Helps with Tree Preservation

The pervious concrete allows for the filtration of both air and water; this allows for the water to become increasingly oxygenated. Subsequently, this ‘running’ water reaches trees and plants and serves to provide them with somewhat more purified water.

Helps Make Travel Safer

The fact that the pervious concrete allows for the safe and effective absorption of water means that there is less surface water on roads and pavements. Therefore, this helps to significantly reduce the tire spray and hydroplaning, making for safer overall driving conditions.

Helps To Prevent Road Erosion

Through lack of surface water and puddling, there is also a knock on effect on the amount of erosion that the concrete experiences. Car parks, drives, walkways, and pavements in general, are susceptible to erosion, so through limiting that amount of time they spend submerged, pervious concrete is helping to reduce repair costs. Even when it does need repairing, as discussed, this ‘thirsty concrete’ is modulated so that it can be repaired super-quickly.


As you can see, there are many advantages to pervious concrete. Whilst variations with ranging levels of effectiveness have been in circulation in Europe since the 1800s, this more recent and modulated version helps to make the process a lot more regulated and consistent across the board, as well as offering an almost miraculous speed of absorption.

Combine all of the above with the durability of concrete flooring and you have a pretty fantastic flooring solution! Therefore, if you’re looking for hardwearing flooring that can stand up to everything from chemical attack to handling the impact of heavy machinery, then concrete flooring is for you.

If you would like to speak to one of our flooring experts with regards to our concrete services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our friendly team on 01226 382864, where we will be eagerly awaiting your call to set you up with a professional and resilient industrial floor.


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