What Causes Industrial Floors to Crack?

It’s a costly fact that unsettles any warehouse or factory owner; but sometimes floors crack. It’s nothing to be stricken by and it’s by no means the end of the world as you know it, but- being providers of effective industrial floor repairs– it’s important to know why your floors crack so that you can prevent it from happening again.

Wear and Tear

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, your industrial floor may simply be old. Worn down by hundreds of workers’ heavy boots stomping, scraping and tripping upon your flooring day in and day out can wear down the exterior layer of concrete on your flooring- especially in places such as doorways or walkways. You may have noticed these as dips in your once levelled flooring, trust us, this is only the beginning. Having heavy loads stored, placed and dropped onto your flooring by said boots can eventually wear down the concrete until one day a tiny hairline fracture appears.

At that stage you don’t need to run around with your hands in the air as a mad panic takes control, hairline cracks can be quickly and easily repaired. Neglecting to deal with the situation before the crack widens and becomes more hazardous for your supplies and your workers however… well that’s when you really need to deal with the situation before somebody gets hurt.




The elements work against us every single day and your industrial floor is no different. The winter months are horrendous for a number of reasons, more than anything though, they’re relentless when it comes to wearing down and getting under the concrete of your factory or warehouse flooring. Have you heard of freeze thawing? This is a typical form of erosion in rock formations, and if you have hairline fractures in your flooring, or if you have a rough concrete floor, you can be sure that the elements will take full advantage of them.

You may not see the difference immediately, but over time your concrete flooring will start to break apart and you can thank freeze thawing for this. Any liquid spillages left unattended will find a snug little groove in your flooring to settle and freeze in. When frozen, the liquid will expand, cracking and working its way into opening up that little groove before melting away and taking some of the material surrounding it with it. Over time this will form hairline crack in your flooring which can escalate quickly into a hazardous crack.


Unsupported Flooring and Your Heavy Loads

Knowing how much weight your flooring can take is important when it comes to keeping your building safe from unnecessary damages. Like a lot of public places, your industrial flooring may have a weight limit on it, especially if you’re dealing in multi-storey buildings.  The last thing anybody wants is to over load a section of unstable flooring with an expensive product one day, only to find it balanced on an impressive crack the next or – in the worst case scenarios- having placed a heavy load on a weak point, coming in the next day to find a suitable hole in your floor.

Making sure you always put your heavy loads on a supported floor can help you later in your industrial life from bowed floors and a costly industrial floor repair job.





Through no fault of your own, accidents will happen. It doesn’t matter how many health and safety procedures you undertake, aside from wrapping everything inside, outside and connected to your warehouse or factory in bubble wrap, an accident will occur.

These can be simple enough incidents such as an empty shelving unit falling over or the stack of recycled boxes you were intending on taking out collapsing all over the floor to more serious accidents. Fires can affect the quality of your concrete, and left unchecked after an accident can lead to weak points. Chemical spills are even more hazardous, as corrosion can lead to an accelerated rate of erosion in your flooring and this can cause some major cracks to appear without warning. Having professionals take a look at your flooring after such accidents is paramount when it comes to keeping your workers, your building and your products safe and secure in the future.




We understand that having to replace your entire floor can be costly and disruptive to workflow. To help you combat the stress of replacing your flooring, we offer reliable tried, tested and cost-effective industrial floor repairs before things get too far out of hand. Simply contact our team on 01226 382864 and we’ll supply you with all the information you’ll need and want to know about our industrial floor repairs.



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