Who Can Benefit from Epoxy?

An epoxy coat adds style and character to any floor, and its aesthetic qualities aren’t the only reason people choose this option. This resin provides a wide range of advantages and, therefore, can be a great investment for spaces with significant levels of traffic.

A lot of businesses benefit from epoxy floorings, such as veterinary clinics and pubs, because it can prevent them from having to perform floor repairs on a regular basis, since epoxy lasts for a very long time and protects your floor. But they aren’t the only industries to see the benefits.


Epoxy is ideal for places where heavy machinery is common, like aerodromes. By having smooth, shiny flooring, these spaces can withstand heavy weights and traffic, not only from people, but also from planes and cars – since epoxy is useful for the parking lots of the aerodrome as well.

Cleaning aerodromes is also easier with epoxy, since the resin has great waterproof capabilities and, as a result, makes it easier to clean spills from the planes by hosing down the entire floor or using a pressure washer. Due to its slip-resistant properties, epoxy also minimises falls and skids.

Mechanic Repair Shops

As with aerodromes, epoxy lets you easily clean up oil spills from the engines of leaky cars (and avoid lasting stains), and offers an extra layer of protection against heavy objects. Epoxy coatings are also cost-effective because of this, given that with concrete you’d have to constantly remove stains, sealants and chemical abrasions, and with epoxy you can just easily maintain the floor without hassle.

Epoxy is also useful to demarcate different areas inside an automobile repair shop, as it allows you to separate between the places where you store equipment and materials, to where cars or car pieces should be taken to.


There’s a lot of heavy equipment in a gym, which puts a lot of pressure on the flooring, meaning that epoxy can serve as a buffer and safeguard the concrete floor beneath. With epoxy you can also keep a hygienic space, which is especially important to avoid the propagation of bacteria, since you’re able to clean it with antibacterial products if you so choose.

This type of flooring is available in several colours, so you can match it to the overall design of the gym, and it prevents falls and provides a surface with a sheen that lets you detect dirt, pests or debris with no trouble. Epoxy is also a great choice for indoor football or basketball fields because of this.

Epoxy is useful in a wide range of businesses, as they can make your job easier by offering sturdy, versatile and attractive solutions. If you want more information on how this resin can benefit your floor, feel free to contact us or call us on 01226 382864, and we’ll answer any questions you might have.


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