Why Implement An Industrial Epoxy Floor?

As industrial flooring experts we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality flooring solutions in the industry. When it comes to selecting the best type of floor for your industrial setting, unless you are immersed in the industry like ourselves at PSR, it’s not always easy to know the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a particular type of flooring.

One increasingly popular trend with flooring is the installation of resin flooring and applying epoxy floor coatings. It seems businesses are beginning to clock onto the fact that these types of flooring offer several advantageous qualities relating to safety, the environment and your budget. As well as being a durable option to select for your business flooring needs, the longevity that these floorings boast are reason enough to at least consider the implementation of an industrial epoxy floor.

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Safety Implications

Wear and tear is a huge negative when relating to not only depreciation, but also safety. The implications of having damaged floors in your company can be disastrous, from staff injury to stock damage, the consequences can be awful; industrial strength flooring can help combat even the most corrosive of day-to-day industrial chemicals.

The slip-resistant nature of epoxy flooring is one of the biggest advantages in an industrial setting. Another quality not often documented about the epoxy resin flooring is its ability to improve air quality within your industrial setting by reducing the level of concrete dust present in the atmosphere.

The flooring is also fairly low maintenance, meaning that it is very easy to give the epoxy surface a quick clean and to keep it sanitised. Also, when applying the resin coating in an already occupied building, keeping the odour to a minimum will be desirable; available in a range of little to no odour, epoxy coatings are a great way of ‘upgrading’ your industrial floor.

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Environmental Implications

Increasingly, year on year, the importance of improved environmental awareness from a company is a reason why people opt to use their services. Epoxy flooring is one such way to improve your environmental impact, with its potential for improved air quality and its low emission contributions, it is a great choice to give your company an environmental boast. Not only that, there are also a series of renewable plant-based resins available, which is clearly better for your company and the environment than simply covering your floor in non-plant based chemicals. The cherry on the cake? The flooring and coatings are often packaged in recyclable materials.

Budgetary Implications

The initial thing to address is the floor’s longevity; with floors lasting longer the need for replacement is vastly reduced. Also, the less time a floor spends damaged, the less money is wasted through stock or machinery being damaged and, at worst, tied up in legal disputes caused by unnecessary injury.

As well as repair bills to consider through damaged machinery, high glossed flooring can have an unexpected impact on your lighting bills by reflecting light back into the room as opposed to absorbing it. Also, one bonus which people seem to forget is the nature of epoxy flooring to reduce mould production; the coating attaches itself to the material underneath, leaving no room for mould to begin to form.

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The long-term advantages of epoxy/resin flooring are obvious, offering a whole array of industrial, cost-saving, environmental and, most importantly, safety benefits. Easy to apply to large industrial facilities and manufacturing plants, epoxy coatings are helping to safeguard the welfare of employees and visitors alike the world over; to discuss our services and the potential application in your industrial setting, contact one of our friendly flooring specialists on 01226 382864, where we’ll be eagerly awaiting your call.


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