Automotive or Aerospace Flooring from the Experts at PSR


Automotive resin flooring has specific industry requirements. Our work with companies such as Peugeot, Ford, and Angloco Fire Station using our PSR HB Epoxy Resin coating puts us in a great position to provide you with excellent quality flooring that meets your requirements.


We hear a lot from consumers asking for advice and recommendations about industrial flooring and which areas would benefit from automotive resin flooring?


Car Showroom floors, car manufacturing floors, car workshop floors, MOT bays and industrial garages are the main areas where industrial resin flooring would be an ideal fit. It’s widely used in the automotive sector for its durability. 


Anti-slip resistance is a significant factor as to why resin flooring is the ideal choice for your industrial, automotive flooring. The key benefit for why resin flooring is preferred is that pedestrians and motor vehicles are involved, so the anti-slip feature is super beneficial and a contributing factor as to why it’s so prevalent in this industry. When deciding which resin flooring system to use, you should be considering the chemical resistance of the floor finish and the slip resistance of the floor.


Car Workshop Flooring
PSR Industrial Flooring installs commercial car workshop flooring nationwide. We have completed automotive projects in Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Lancashire and Scotland. We use a mixture of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems to allow us to find the right mix for you and your flooring requirements.


Resin Line Marking
It’s vital to remember the importance of resin line marking and visible demarcation mainly for health and safety aspects related to the automotive industry. One particular use is the line markings can be used to segregate specific areas such as walkways on car showrooms and designated bays for motor vehicles.


This particular choice of flooring can be seen in commercial garages and could also be used in car parks.


Car Garage Resin Flooring
When it comes to car garage resin flooring, consider that safety markings for bays are vital and achieved by installing a polyurethane or epoxy resin flooring. At PSR, we opt for a resin system which has very high abrasion resistance and is also impact resistant. This is what your car garage needs to be durable and not easily damaged. 


We have found through completing many automotive jobs throughout the years that using resin for MOT bays will give the area a far more durable surface. We offer a variety of different colours so you can easily segment the MOT bay with visible line-markings.


Car Showroom Flooring
Everything in a car showroom is immaculate, and the floor is no exception. The cars need to capture the attention, not floor blemishes and imperfections. Cheap tiles, laminate or vinyl, can be damaged easily - especially with the footfall that car showrooms see. Our resin floor is the option that provides you with a robust and aesthetically pleasing floor.