Choosing The Best PSR Industrial Flooring - Take Our Advice!


With the experience that we at PSR have developed over the years allows us to be in a position where we can share our knowledge and assistance in picking the correct Industrial Flooring for your business. When deciding which epoxy resin flooring for the task at hand is decided a lot of the time to what daily activity occurs in the building and making it a priority that when the flooring is being laid, that productivity and activity is not disrupted by the work taking place.


PSR Industrial Flooring handles big contract work with Nationwide and Global Companies such as The Olympic Park in London, a brilliant job we completed in 2012. To gain your trust and strengthen our case see what our Managing Director Paul Radley had to say:


“We have previously worked for the Olympic sponsor’s Coca Cola on various flooring projects, including a warehouse site also at the Olympic Park containing all food and beverage for those at the Games. We have always delivered on time and to budget and our clients have always been pleased with the end result. I am happy to say on this occasion we were able to hand the project over two days early to the delight of our clients FCC Elliott JV” (Paul Radley, PSR Managing Director)


PSR Industrial Flooring offers their own epoxy resin products which come highly recommended for heavy load environments and work areas. To add more reason as to why you should use PSR when choosing the right industrial flooring all our products are quick drying which not only can be applied quickly at times such as overnight or weekends but will also not disrupt the normal working scenarios that occur on a daily basis.

General Work Areas


Hygienic and Food Safety Work Areas


Industrial Areas (Warehouses, Laboratories, Chemical Plants, Drink Plants)


Anti Slip Areas


Here is one very happy customer from Coca Cola who was extremely glad he took the advice from PSR Industrial Flooring when choosing the right solution.


John Coburn (Midlands Quality, Safety and Environment Manager for Coca-Cola), said:

"Myself and the operations team at Northampton were extremely impressed with the work completed by PSR Industrial Flooring Ltd. Delivering a quality flooring finish at a very competitive price are just a few of the criteria we look for when contracting out work; contractors must also have an understanding of our operational requirements whilst advising on the best value for money, preventative maintenance and support...


After working with several contractors in the past who have failed to meet our requirements, we are pleased to have finally met a company that can. We look forward to working with PSR Industrial Flooring Ltd in the future."