Floor Markings – What are the Advantages and Uses for Warehouse and Industrial Flooring


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The importance in segmenting work zones and walkways with marking lines in your industrial warehouse is such an important factor to consider if you haven’t already got them!  When you're driving on the roads, marking, indications, different colours are a common thing and we all are used to these which allow for a fluid and clear instructions to make our roads safe and to allow traffic to flow throughout the day, this is the reasoning you should adapt for your warehouse flooring space.


When it comes to Industrial and Manufacturing working areas, using line markings in your warehouse and making staff aware of the importance of line marking is essential to allow for a safe working environment and fluid process for all staff with guidelines for their benefit.


Some of the markings for your flooring should include:

•           Specific Pathways
•           Specific Zones
•           Racking Space
•           Forklift Parking
•           Forklift Access
•           Loading Bays
•           Goods in and Goods Out


These key areas are especially important for your company, more so when your warehouse encounters daily traffic from staff members, forklift truck movement and other incoming and going traffic from delivery trucks to either drop-off or pick up goods that may be out for delivery, this will ensure that everyone is safe and the day to day running of the business. By using the clear line markings within your warehouse with clear layouts for vehicles, staff, visitors, clearly identified crossing points will ensure full safety measures are in place for everyone in the working area full time and even for passers-through. PSR can give this advice from our experience in the industry and working alongside brands such as Coca Cola in Northampton for example.


Working Zones – Do you have more than one!
When encountering a company who has a wide range of activities that need to be segmented and remain separate, PSR has its own range of different floor colours which in our experience have found are a brilliant remedy and way to ensure during work times that staff stay and operate in the correct designated zones.

We look at things like storage areas, inspection areas and important areas of the warehouse that will require staff to take care and be alert of surrounding activities especially when entering a new zone. This means that as an example, a storage area in a warehouse will be a different colour to the loading area, the use of different colours allows staff to continue their work efficiently and not waste valuable time in the wrong areas!


We at PSR have before encountered companies that require colour floor markings, however, have current staff who are colour-blind. We always provide a full consultation covering all possibilities for the future work, so do not worry we are here to provide solutions for every circumstance (one of the ways is by providing special glasses that will show up the correct colours to people who are colour-blind)

The many long term benefits with line markings and floor colours allow your business to save your business capital by safeguarding staff and increasing safety all round and also pushing efficiency to staff also, which they should have increased productivity along with staff motivation to boot.


If you have any issues with your current Warehouse Flooring and need assistance and professional advice please do not hesitate to call or email us.