Hygiene Is Key - Keep Hygiene in Mind for Pharmaceutical Flooring


When it comes to deciding which coating to use for your Pharmaceutical Flooring, the main thing to keep in mind is the overriding factor - Hygiene.


  • GP Surgeries
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Dentist Surgeries


If you are thinking about the correct choice of flooring for premises such as GP Surgeries, Chemical/Pharmaceutical plants, hospitals and dentist surgeries, cleanliness and a hygienic environment should be at the forefront of your mind when considering flooring options.

Bacteria and germs need little encouragement to spread and become a hindrance on your working environment, especially with everything going on in the world with COVID-19 you should be doing everything possible to create a safe and healthy workspace. Choosing the right flooring is a long term solution and investment.


You must have safety and ease of cleanliness for health-related sector flooring in mind, coupled with the functional properties of the flooring coating. Ideally, you’d choose the most durable on the market which can withstand chemicals/contaminants being absorbed into the floor. If your floor does not have these properties, it may not be hygienic and consequently not fit for purpose!


Other deciding factors to take into consideration are :


- What type of substances are going to be in contact with your floor?

- How often chemicals, oils and other substances are more likely going to become a common occurrence over the years?


Many questions you should be thinking of throughout your decision-making period should allow you to understand what will be needed and all roads lead back to resin flooring, a perfect choice for any facility within the health sector.


Resin Flooring possesses all the required properties in this sector for anything that could cause other flooring systems issues. It’s tough and easy to clean, allowing your facility to stay hygienic at all times while not being a danger to the foot traffic it will receive through patients, staff as well as visitors.


The ease of installation is another contributing key factor as this ensures that the installation of the resin flooring will not disrupt normal working activities, allowing you not to encounter any hindrance to your working week. (PSR Industrial Flooring unlike most are available for weekend work as an option to minimise workforce disruption, contact us)