Looking for Which Industrial Flooring is Best for your busy Supermarket? Let the Experts Explain


Here at PSR, we have a proven track record with supporting testimonials from well-known Supermarkets such as Morrison’s. We have some advice that may help you.


Firstly, with over 25 years of industrial flooring knowledge, there are two significant factors to consider when selecting the ideal supermarket flooring solution; style and function.

“Style” refers to the physical appearance to attract customers and give your supermarket that feel of being inviting, bright and in most cases colourful, incorporating your brand colours is always a good idea, and this will also provide brand continuity with your customers for many years to come.


“Function” is super important, and this is because the chosen industrial flooring type will be required to meet the demand of the busy environment. The flooring needs to allow you to be able to continuously work hard as the flooring will be under stress nearly 24 hours a day. With day and night shifts, heavy shelving due to stock weight, along with the continuous delivery of goods multiple times in the day, which will be unloaded by staff using forklifts.


100’s of customers being in the supermarket at any given time, we need to avoid the potential occurrence of dangerous and disruptive issues which is something that can occur from the dreaded failure of flooring


So what’s best for supermarket flooring?


Epoxy Flooring Systems
Epoxy Flooring provides your Supermarket with that blend of Function and Style.


Epoxy floor systems from PSR Industrial Flooring can be provided in a wide selection of different colours, with added possibilities of customisation if required/desired (our team welcome any questions you may have, Contact us)


Supermarkets have many different areas in-store from the entrance ways, fresh produce areas, drinks aisles, hot oven areas such as an in-store bakery to the customer service desks. Epoxy systems are a brilliant choice as they have you covered in every area.

Epoxy Flooring Function
With there being too many to mention, we decided to present a few of the main functional benefits of implementing an epoxy floor coating:


Tough and Durable
Being highly impact-resistant is a brilliant quality that epoxy flooring provides, especially in supermarkets which undergo non stop foot traffic in store and forklift traffic in supporting warehouse storage space.


Systems Options
When it comes to epoxy systems, numerous options are available and can be selected which is an important quality to have.


Low Maintenance

Epoxy flooring possesses a non-absorbent surface, along with the ability to be easily cleaned and maintained. Allowing the shine to be constant and present is another reason as the appearance of your supermarket flooring is essential too.


Spillages, floor washing and the day to day cleaning in stations such as salad bars and hot food areas, the non-slip aspect of resin flooring is another key factor in selecting it for your supermarket flooring.


Multiple Coverage Options
Can be laid on multiple existing surfaces such as concrete, even metal and flooring which has a previous coating.


With the dated tiled floors, from years gone by, being a thing of the past, epoxy resin has a smooth finish not allowing for tile joints and crevices where moisture and dirt collect to become a long term problem., spillages and dirt can be easily cleaned away!

Let PSR help you choose and install your Supermarket’s Flooring


We offer an option for every possible environment you are dealing with. We take a thorough approach to understand your supermarket floor requirements with free site visits and discussions which will provide you with the ability to make an informed decision based on facts and benefits.


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