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PSR Industrial Flooring Finish The Year In Pole Position

Stirling Moss won the Monaco Grand Prix with Lotus in 1960. In December 2015 PSR Industrial Flooring won a 3030sqm flooring contract with Lotus and finished the year on a high. PSR held off tough competition to win the contract but with help from Resdev we were able to secure pole position.     The PSR team worked through the Christmas & New Year shut down period repairing the substrate and expansion joints before dust free preparation and a 2 coat…

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How to Make the Best of Your Warehouse Floor

Your warehouse floor is where most of your business is run from, and where you will most likely keep your valuable cargo. It’s where your employees and your equipment interact, and if overlooked it can lead to serious issues. An industrial floor is ideal for your warehouse, as it’s built to endure heavy weights and high movement. It can be damaged for several reasons, and maintaining it properly so that it lasts and it avoids potential accidents is very important.…

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Floor Joint Repairs: What You Need to Know

Concrete flooring is one of the most commonly used types of floor in industrial settings, because it’s durable, strong and appropriate for a wide variety of settings. It’s not, however, a maintenance-free structural material, which means that concrete floors usually benefit from a resin coating to ensure their protection, as well as to ensure safety and hygiene in the workplace. One of the issues that can develop with concrete flooring is with its joints. Over time, and especially with heavy…

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Is Your Epoxy Resin Up to Scratch? Diagnosing Common Problems

Your epoxy resin coating is important, especially when your work environment needs a good, resistant floor, like commercial kitchens. Like with screed application, if the resin is not properly applied, it can result in damages to your floor, so it’s important to know what to watch out for. We’ve already discussed how to recognise issues with your screed, and likewise epoxy has several common problems that you can spot, which need to be resolved for you to not only have…

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The Importance of a Durable Mechanic Repair Shop Floor

The right flooring for your car includes more than just the car park: it’s also important that the shop where you take it for repairs has the appropriate floor. If you own a repair shop, the floor where you work on costumers’ vehicles is important to not damage them and also for aesthetic reasons. A poor looking floor won’t attract customers because it will give them the impression of low quality standards. You will also incur more expenses if their…

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3 Concrete Flooring Maintenance Myths

High quality and high performance concrete flooring is often the preferred choice when it comes to both industrial and commercial properties. It’s commonly used in areas that see a lot of heavy foot traffic, such as retail or kitchen environments. A lot of businesses choose concrete as their ideal flooring material for the fact that it’s relatively easy to maintain, especially compared to a lot of alternative options. However, a lot of people wrongly believe that this means no maintenance…

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The Best Floor For Your Commercial Kitchen

If you run a commercial kitchen you know just how busy and messy it can get. A lot of people tend to work in close proximity, so much so that they’re almost shoulder to shoulder and, adding that to the pressure of getting food out in time, that environment can quickly become hazardous as well.

Who Can Benefit from Epoxy?

An epoxy coat adds style and character to any floor, and its aesthetic qualities aren’t the only reason people choose this option. This resin provides a wide range of advantages and, therefore, can be a great investment for spaces with significant levels of traffic. A lot of businesses benefit from epoxy floorings, such as veterinary clinics and pubs, because it can prevent them from having to perform floor repairs on a regular basis, since epoxy lasts for a very long…

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The Master Screed Guide

Floor screeding is a very important factor when upgrading or levelling an existing floor, and can be described as a layer of material (such as sand and cement) applied onto concrete or insulation, so that other materials can be placed on top – meaning that screed is used more commonly as a levelling material and not a binder.

Why Epoxy is Important for Veterinary Clinics

Choosing epoxy to coat your concrete floor has several advantages, as we’ve mentioned before. This resin protects it against the stress of heavy machinery and high traffic, so it’s no wonder epoxy can help preserve your floor against sharp claws and water damage – making it perfect for veterinary clinics.