Common Flooring Problems and their Solutions

Flooring is an essential part of everyday life, and for many businesses, a problem with your flooring can put staff at serious risk, as well as being bad for work productivity.

Here at PSR Flooring, we are specialist industrial flooring contractors with the ability to resolve any flooring problem that you may have. Here, we will show you some of the most common flooring problems and how these can be solved.




Slippery floors can be extremely dangerous and counter-productive. While some spillages such as oil or food can be the cause of slippery floors, many of these issues are caused by the flooring material.

Slippery materials include things like laminate flooring, which can also be very difficult to clean and maintain. These materials are inappropriate for workplaces such as warehouses, restaurant kitchens and staff walkways.

A simple and effective solution for a slippery floor is by laying a floor coating that’s durable and non-slip, as well as being water dispersible and brightly coloured for greater visibility.



Uneven floors can cause some serious problems, from being a tripping hazard to causing damage to workplace machinery.

Uneven floors are particularly bad in cases of school gymnasiums, car parks and public facilities, and it’s of paramount importance that you have a floor evened out before usage or the application of new flooring materials.

You can resolve an uneven surface with the help of professional floor grinding, which will work to remove old floor coverings and level out the surface beneath it, which is far more time and cost-effective than applying a self-levelling compound.

Floor screeding can also effectively level a floor, offering a quality finish as well as durability. It can be less time consuming than floor grinding methods too, which may make it a preferable option for some businesses.

Cracks in Joints


Cracks in floor joints and seals can be very dangerous and make a floor completely unusable.

Cracks in joints are particularly common in concrete; especially in work environments that consistently operate heavy machinery. Cracks in these joints can be extremely disruptive to operations, and therefore can seriously affect your business.

These types of damages can be easily solved, however these repairs must be done by a professional contractor in order to assure ensure safety and longevity of the repairs.



Many things can damage a floor, and although concrete is the composite material of choice for many industrial environments such as factories and warehouses and is one of the strongest materials available, it is susceptible to damage and corrosion.

If your flooring is not maintained correctly, the process of getting it back to a useable state becomes far more expensive and takes far longer to resolve. This can massively disrupt or even halt workflow altogether, which in turn will seriously affect your staff and your business.

It’s of vital importance that you have any damages to your flooring repaired quickly and professionally to avoid workplace accidents, loss in productivity and larger costs to get it back to a useable condition. If damages are restricted to just certain areas of the floor, these can be fixed quickly and effectively by a professional flooring contractor.

However, if damages have developed to an extent where they cover whole areas, these expanses will have to be completely repaired in order to bring them back into a useable state.


There are many common issues that industrial flooring can have, all of which can cause potential hazards and threaten productivity levels. However, all of these issues have viable solutions that can be offered by a professional flooring contractor. At PSR Industrial Flooring, we can offer you a service to suit all of your flooring requirements, from floor coatings and grinding to repairs. For more information, contact us today by calling 01226 382864.


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