Concrete: Where Did It Come From?

Concrete – it’s the stuff that floors are made of. But how much do you really know about this hero beneath our feet?

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of concrete, then you’re in luck, as here we’re going to explore the intriguing history of this flooring champion – and trust us, it’s pretty fascinating!





Ancient Origins


If you thought concrete was a relatively modern invention, you’d be wrong.

It turns out, the history of this amazing innovation stretches back thousands of years – pretty incredible, right?

As far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians, early forms of concrete were already in use, and helping to make engineering marvels such as the Great Pyramid a reality.

The Egyptians mixed materials such as mud and straw with limestone to produce mortars – plastic-like materials that can be used to affix stones to one another.


A Roman Affair


However, it wasn’t until the Romans arrived on the scene that the use of concrete in flooring and construction really came into its own.

The Romans were masters of the art of construction. One need only look at the many fascinating structures belonging to the Roman Empire – many of which still stand today – to see that this is true.

This ancient civilisation first began using a material strikingly similar to modern-day concrete approximately 2,000 years ago, building everything from bridges to monuments.

The Romans used concrete to produce many of their most astonishing architectural feats too; including the grand Colosseum that stands at the heart of Rome. And it’s thanks to their widespread use of concrete that many of these structures have survived into the present day.





They relied on a distinctive recipe to produce their concrete. This combined lime and various admixtures such as animal products – astonishingly, some of these are still used in concrete production today!

More recently, scientists have also uncovered another secret of Roman concrete. It turns out they used volcanic rocks and ash to produce it too! This unique formulation allowed for the creation of quick-setting concrete capable of surviving through the ages.


The Modern Era


Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the use of concrete dwindled and it was not until a number of centuries later, with the dawn of the modern era, that concrete rose to prominence once again.

During the early 19th century, an English bricklayer by the name of Jospeh Aspdin stumbled upon a new method for producing concrete, and in so doing invented Portland cement – which remains the most popular ingredient in concrete.

This, along with a number of other revolutionary developments in the years that followed, saw concert become the materials that it is today, and it hasn’t looked back since!


Concrete Today


So there we have it, a brief history of the origins of concrete!

Today, concrete takes the crown for being the most widely used man-made material around, and its list of uses is pretty much endless.

Concrete floors have come a long way since their humble origins too, and are now available in a vast array of colours, textures and finishes – the sky’s the limit, really!





As the annals of history have shown, concrete is a remarkably durable material that’s more than capable of withstanding the test of time.

But that said, even the toughest concrete floors aren’t completely everlasting. Which is where we can help!

As leading providers of a range of industrial flooring solutions, here at PSR Industrial Flooring we know a thing or two about concrete floors, and can provide a range of solutions, from floor repairs to industrial floor coatings, to keep your concrete floors looking their best!

Want to know more? Then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today by giving us a call on 01226 382864.


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