Floor Grinding

Levelling out uneven floors and problem surfaces

Our concrete floor grinding service can save you time and money.

PSR Industrial Flooring provide floor grinding services to remove old floor coverings and level out problem floors. This is a COMPLETELY dust free process which helps to minimise disruption to other areas of your building & operations, and aims to leave your floor perfectly smooth and ready for any further flooring treatments and applications. You can save time and money by using floor grinding machines for surface levelling and floor restoration.


What can be removed with floor grinding?

  • Epoxy resin
  • Paint
  • 99% dust free processes
  • Carpet adhesive
  • Self-levelling compounds


Wherever possible, it is better to keep the floor surface instead of destroying both the floor and the floor covering. You avoid the need to use self-levelling compound and unnecessary material costs in the form of extra coverings to fill out irregularities, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.


Floor grinding processes can also be used to roughen up an old covering, such as paint, to improve the adhesiveness for the next coat of paint. Regardless of the intended final result of the floor, there are huge benefits from using floor grinding as part of the process.


Concrete floor grinding


When grinding concrete floors, the concrete skin is removed and the stronger concrete exposed. At the same time, the surface is ground level, which reduces the need for self-levelling compound and reduces the quantity of floor covering, with major financial savings as a result.


Floor grinding for thick coverings


Thick floor coverings refers to epoxy, self-levelling compound, linoleum and plastic matting. In one sweep, 5 mm of epoxy or self-levelling compound can be removed. When grinding away matting, the adhesive is also ground away, and the floor is ready to be covered with a new carpet, covering, tiles, or ready for polishing.


Floor grinding for thin coverings


Thin floor coverings refers to adhesive, paint or lighter grinding to improve the adhesion of a new covering on top of an old one. Lighter floor grinding is an ideal way to remove any irregularities when a self-levelling floor compound is used.


Natural stone floor grinding


Our high tech floor grinding equipment allows us to grind any type of marble, granite or terrazzo floor.

Grinding removes all manner of surfaces, leaving a perfectly smooth base for laying and applying new flooring or coatings.

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  • Great preparation for new flooring or coatings
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  • Over 20 years’ experience


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