Industrial Floor Joint Repairs

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Industrial Flooring Construction Joint Failure is often the greatest source of maintenance problems in Warehouse Flooring or any other Industrial Flooring that sustains continual heavy traffic. Should industrial Floor Joint Repairs or Floor Joint Re-seals not be carried out properly they can cause serious damage to expensive machinery such as forklift trucks, and may also become a Health & Safety issue.

Floor Joint Repairs Service

Arris Floor Joint Repairs are required after Flooring Construction Joint Failure on commercial and Industrial Flooring and this type of failure is typical in concrete floors. The replacement of the Industrial Floor Joint Repairs is carried out quickly and effectively by saw cutting and breaking out the damaged area and filling with a specialist repair mortar. The joint is then cut back through with a 5mm cut and then sealed with a specialist sealant. It is left seamless with no transition over theIndustrial Floor Joint Repairs. At PSR Industrial Flooring, our Floor Joint Repair System is tried and tested, and has proved successful in standing the test of time.

Industrial Floor Joint Re-seals

We also have considerable expertise in Industrial Floor Joint Re-seals of Concrete Construction Joints – which can be achieved on Industrial Floor Joint Re-seals of up to 25mm. Flooring Joint Seal Replacement to existing saw cut and Construction Floor Joints are achieved by re-cutting, cleaning out and replacing with a suitable joint sealant, which still allows for movement in the floor. The Industrial Floor Joint Re-seals method can be applied to joints up to 25mm wide and if done early enough will save the cost of a potentially more expensive Arris joint repair. Like our Industrial Floor Joint Repairs, our Industrial Floor Joint Re-seals are tried and tested in many industrial floor applications.