Industrial Flooring Joint Repairs

Floor Joint Repairs

Our industrial joint repair system has been tried and tested over many years and has proved to be very successful and long-lasting.

Joints are typical through-out most factory and warehouse floors; they appear as discontinuations in the floor slab. The most common types of joints are contraction, expansion and construction joints. Movement, heavy traffic and prolonged wear and tear will cause the deterioration of the joint and require it to be repaired.


Expansion Joint Repairs

Expansion Joints are a gap within the floor slab that allows for the independent movement of the floor. It forms a break between the concrete and allows for expansion or contraction that is caused by vibration and temperature changes and helps to minimise the cracking that would otherwise occur. Using a saw cutting method of repair, we would then infill the joint using our PSR Joint Sealant - find more information on our Products

Arris Joint Repairs

Arris joint repairs are required after flooring construction joint failure on industrial expansion joints that have a width of 25mm+. Construction joint failure is typical in most concrete floors and can cause severe and expensive damage to forklift trucks as well as becoming a health and safety issue.

Our tried and tested Arris Major Repairs have been proven for many years. These are undertaken by cutting either side of the joint and breaking out and infilling with our specialist PSR Joint Sealant. The joint is then cut through and sealed with a joint sealant. These are then diamond ground upon curing to form seamless transitions. PSR Industrial Flooring is one of only a few companies to guarantee our Arris Repair Method.

Our floor joint repair service includes:
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  • 99% dust free processes
  • Odourless and solvent free products
  • Food safe products and processes

Our concrete industrial floor repairs can save you time and money on costly reflooring or structural works. To find out how our floor repair service could benefit you and your business, please give our team of expert industrial flooring contractors a call today

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