Flooring It: The Importance of the Right Car Park Flooring

Multi-storey car parks have become an integral part of towns and cities, with over 6000 in the UK alone. These car parks face many demands, and therefore it is of vital importance that they are constructed appropriately to meet these requirements.

One of the most important elements of any car park is the flooring, as this is exposed to many different elements and chemicals and is constantly in use by traffic every day of the year.

At PSR Industrial Flooring, we know how to meet the flooring demands of any environment, and here we are going to show you the importance of using the right industrial flooring in multi-storey car parks.



Although multi-storey car parks are somewhat sheltered, they are still highly exposed to the elements, including the immense levels of rain we receive in the UK throughout the year.

If you use the wrong type of flooring in these conditions, you could face issues of standing water and eventual floor damage, both of which pose a serious danger to drivers and could potentially cause an accident.

Epoxy resin flooring provides a waterproof membrane that is perfect for use in multi-storey car parks. Its resistance to weathering prevents substantial joint cracks and damage, as well as offering a non-slip surface that will allow drivers to have more control over their vehicle.

Floor Demarcation

Clear demarcation is vital for car parks, particularly those that have a one-way system in operation. It can also help to minimise the amount of artificial light needed, which can save on energy bills and help to make your premises more environmentally friendly.

Failing to have a clearly marked car park can be confusing for drivers, and can potentially cause a serious accident due to divided attention or the poor labelling of a one-way system.

Resin floors allow you to clearly mark your floor, making one-way systems more apparent and parking zones clearer. This can also make your car park safer for pedestrians walking to their cars as well as drivers.

Chemical Erosion

Car park floors are exposed to a variety of different chemicals and substances, many of which are highly corrosive. This can potentially cause damage over time, which poses a risk to drivers and can become very costly.

Leaking oil from vehicles and road salt are particularly notorious for causing damage to roads and floors. Particularly when car parks use concrete alone, potholes and oil damage will increasingly become worse and can potentially cause accidents.

Resin floors are extremely resistant to these types of substances, making this type of flooring a perfect choice for multi-storey car parks. This resistance will help to save on maintenance costs, make oil spillages far easier to clean up and, most importantly, make your car park much safer for drivers.

Industrial Floor Painting


With hundreds of cars passing through each and every day and the average weight of a car being approximately 1464 kg, car park floors are well-used and need to be durable.

Although concrete is one of the hardest substances available, it is still highly prone to cracking. These damages, if not professionally repaired, will become worse over time. This risks causing accidents and damaging vehicles.

Concrete does provide a very durable surface for a car park floor, however this durability can be enhanced by applying an epoxy resin coating on top. This will prevent cracking and damages to joints caused by repeated exposure to heavy cars, saving on maintenance costs and creating a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians.


As you can see, using the right flooring in a car park is important, and at PSR Industrial Flooring, we can help you to find a high quality flooring solution to suit your needs and requirements. We also provide a variety of industrial flooring services, including floor grinding and repairs. For more information, contact us today by calling 01226 382864.


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