Your warehouse floor is where most of your business is run from, and where you will most likely keep your valuable cargo. It’s where your employees and your equipment interact, and if overlooked it can lead to serious issues.

An industrial floor is ideal for your warehouse, as it’s built to endure heavy weights and high movement. It can be damaged for several reasons, and maintaining it properly so that it lasts and it avoids potential accidents is very important.


Have a Flat Floor

As you know, a floor with indentations or holes is very unsafe, as both people and machinery are at risk of tripping. While a worker tripping might be a bit less serious, if one of your machines goes over a bump or drives into a hole, the machine itself might break and incur replacement costs. On the worst side, it might veer off into a worker and cause serious injury.

By having a flat warehouse floor through grinding, you will ensure that your forklift trucks and other warehouse machines will be able to operate at a normal capacity. This way your workers will be able to operate faster with the forklifts, and there is less strain on the truck’s electronic systems. If your warehouse deals with dangerous chemicals, a flat surface will provide your space with a more hygienic floor, making sure that no spillage infiltrates it. It reduces the danger of a future injury, and it also makes your floor last longer.

Forklift in front of shelving system at warehouse


Take Care of Your Joints

As with an uneven floor, the joints are also prime accident zones. If caught early, the damages will be minimal and easy to repair. The best solution is a proper application from the start, and here at PSR Industrial Flooring we pride ourselves in installing high quality floors, to prevent these issues from happening to your business.

Poorly maintained floor joints have hefty costs: the repair of the joint, the cost of not working while they’re being repaired, the damage to machinery and vehicles, and the cost of any accidents your employees might have.

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We want you to enjoy a long lasting floor that is not only beautiful but also safe. Our top priority is a high quality installation, and we also repair your floor if you’re unhappy with how it was installed, or if you notice any damage in it. If you have any questions contact us through 01226 382864 and we’ll answer any query you have.