Industrial Floor Coatings
and floor painting

High-quality, non-slip industrial floor coatings and industrial floor painting.

Combining top-rated products, cutting edge machinery and experienced, qualified staff PSR Industrial Flooring are one of the UK’s leading applicators of;

  • Industrial Floor Coatings
  • Floor Painting
  • Anti-slip floor coatings
  • Demarcation Lining
  • Walkways

Preparation is priority and the key to the longevity of any successful floor coating application and PSR industrial flooring are experts in this service.

The correct, and appropriate industrial floor coating or painting will reduce both risks and hazards as well as increasing the level of hygiene with-in the workplace.

After undertaking a free site visit and taking into consideration an accumulation of factors such as;

  • Current Floor Condition
  • Durability Required
  • Nature of Business
  • Cleanliness & Ease of use
  • Cosmetic Appearance

We would then specify our recommended Industrial Floor Coating or multi layer Resin system from the list below;

Floor Repairs

PSR Epoxy Resin High Build Coating

Benefitting from the exclusivity of our tried and tested own brand PSR Epoxy High Build Coating System we can guarantee both our product and our workmanship with the highest of confidence.

Ideal for;

  • Food Preparation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Factory & Warehousing
  • Toilets & Washrooms

Offering a long-lasting and cost effective solution PSR’s Epoxy High Build Coatings are a 1 or 2 coat resin system that is based on epoxy resin technology combined with abrasion resistant fillers. Subject to good house-keeping this epoxy resin system hosts excellent chemical resistant properties and is available is all RAL Colours with a clear option available on request.

Anti-Slip Coating


Unfortunately more often than not the full dangers of having damaged and slippery flooring is not realised until it is too late. Accidents in the workplace make up for millions of pounds of compensation claims and in most cases they could have easily being prevented.

Ideal for industrial businesses with high foot fall and/or heavy vehicle traffic, our hand-poured PSR HB Anti-slip resin system has all the properties of the PSR Epoxy High Build Coating System with the added safety of anti-slip resistance.

Providing a seamless interior finish with line marking, zebra crossings and bespoke designs available then you are free to create a working environment whilst maintaining the structural, safety, cosmetic & hygiene standards required for your business.

Floor Repairs
Floor Repairs

Rapid Cure Resins


Rapid cure resin floor paints is a fast curing, high performance epoxy resin coating. Fast curing even at low temperatures it is suitable for fast-paced factory environments where it is imperative to continue operations.

It is quickly applied and has low-oudor making it appealing to busy warehouses and the like. Hosting excellent resistance to water, oils, petrol, many acids, alkalies and solvents it is ideal for engineering, car manufacturing, laboratories and many other environments. With slip resistant options and available in a wide range of range of colours in a semi-gloss finish it is a much sought after solution for many of our industrial clients.

SL Resin System


Our high performance self-smoothing resin systems offer a heavy-duty resin coating most often utilised in busy industrial environments that require an hygienic and antimicrobial finish. Smooth, seamless and hygienic they employ the latest epoxy and poly-urethane modified epoxy resin technology and host a 100% solid self-smoothing system. Typically installed at a 3mm thickness our systems use epoxy resin chemistry to achieve the best adhesion and hardwearing, long-lasting finishes.

Food safe, low odour, abrasion and chemical resistant it is ideal for food and beverage environments and will provide peace of mind.

Floor Repairs
Floor Repairs

Polyurethane System


Polyurethane flooring systems are renowed for combining durability and performance. Having a proven track record in the food and beverage industry it was designed as a practical and robust floor screed with hygiene the main priority.

Also benefitting from the ability to absorb noise, you can expect a certain amount of noise reduction. Flexible and elastic it is also more resistant to chemicals such as lactic acid and it is this resistance that makes Polyurethane flooring systems popular with-in the food and beverage industry. Easily cleaned and with a matt like appearance it has non-slip characteristics it is ideal for wet work areas.

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