It’s a Concrete Fact – Why Concrete Flooring?

At PSR Industrial flooring, industrial flooring is our name and our game, but you’ll find that – despite a degree of variation within all floors – you tend to deal with the same materials in all industrial workplaces. In the case of flooring, this pretty much takes the form of good ‘ol fashioned concrete, but have you ever stopped to wonder just why concrete is such a fixture? It’s so common that we usually accept its inclusion without thinking, but just why is it so heavily relied upon? Read on…

As Hard as…Concrete

You knew it had to be coming, but concrete floors are durable. Very durable. Sometimes, the hardness of concrete can be looked upon as a drawback, because it’s extremely unforgiving, but most of the time it’s an absolute blessing. Heavy equipment like forklifts can drive over concrete all day and cause no damage to it at all. When you need something to stand up to high traffic, even from vehicular movement, concrete takes some beating.

Convenient Concrete…

As well as being (literally) rock solid, concrete is surprisingly easy to maintain. Sure, you may need to seal a floor or give it a wax every now and again, and concrete floors may eventually crack due to tension, but there’s very little to be done on a regular basis. A quick clean is often all that’s needed.

…and Reliable Too

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that concrete is very long-lasting. Most things that need little maintenance are, but if you keep on top of the sealing and waxing, you’ll pretty much be in possession of a floor that will never wear out. Because of this extreme longevity, concrete floors also save you money in the long-term, as there’s little or no need for continual work or re-flooring processes to be ongoing.
Concrete Floor

Eye-Catching Concrete

Bear with us on this one! Isn’t concrete just cold and grey? Maybe at one point it was, but nowadays a variety of colours and textures can be obtained with reasonable ease, and when you factor in finishes as well, you have a surface that is only limited by your imagination. Whatever look you want, the chances are that concrete can be tailored to match something pretty similar, if not spot-on. Concrete artisans can actually duplicate the aesthetic of almost any material you can think of, and such attention doesn’t require extra care either.

Concrete and Safety

We’ve already mentioned the potential drawback to concrete being hard (i.e. with regards to causing injury), but many people also look upon concrete as being slippery. However, mixing a non-slip additive into a concrete floor when it’s being laid can head this problem off before it even becomes an issue. Polished concrete – although it looks glossy – is actually no more slippery than something like linoleum – so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for appearance’s sake either. All told, there’s usually a way around any and all the drawbacks. You just have to look into the options.

Hopefully, you’ll now see that there are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of concrete flooring. Like most standard solutions, concrete is popular because of its innate utility, yet that being said it isn’t completely indestructible. Sometimes, you might need the odd repair, or perhaps you’ve never yet accessed all of the benefits of good-quality industrial flooring? If that’s the case, then the PSR team have got you covered. To find out more about our services, please contact us today by calling 01226 382864.


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