Keeping Your Feet on the Ground – Maintaining Industrial Flooring

Many people can’t really see much point in repairing a floor. Sure, they might recognise the need to give some TLC to an obvious trip hazard, but they probably won’t be too concerned about much else. After all, it’s a floor, it’s supposed to be walked on all day, so who cares if it’s looking a bit worse for wear? Well, we certainly think that you should care! Here are a few good reasons for you to bear in mind the next time your concrete floor needs some attention. Don’t put repair work off!

A Safety Hazard

As we’ve mentioned, a damaged or corroded floor can be a trip hazard, but it can also be more than that. Uneven flooring won’t serve as a stable base for a heavy load, so problems like top-heavy stacks overturning can be more prevalent. That’s something you don’t want, but if your industrial premise is making use of forklift trucks and the like, then damaged flooring can also damage the vehicles or mechanisms. Beaten and battered machinery is bad news, so take care of your flooring.
A Productivity Issue

In a warehouse, a damaged floor that’s left will eventually get to the point where it has to be repaired. Warehouses are arranged to maximise productivity, with associated products near to each other, route ways kept open and similarly planned layouts. If you have to redo your whole flooring, then your warehouse will be in uproar, and your productivity will go straight out of the window.


A Money Saver

If your productivity is down, then you’re losing money. Likewise, if your forklift truck is damaged and needing repairs, that’s more money lost too, and all because your flooring is poorly maintained. It’s always the case that an unsolved problem will eventually get worse too, so if your floor repairs are left, then the eventual cost of major re-flooring will far outweigh the expenditure of an earlier date.

Aesthetic Value

Although it might seem like a small thing compared to our other reasons, aesthetic value has its place. If your floor is shoddy, your professional image will suffer, and that’s something that nobody wants. The reputation of your firm is precious, so don’t neglect little things that can affect it.
If we’ve convinced you to get on top of your floor repairs, then the team at PSR Flooring is on hand to help. We specialise in concrete floor repairs, so you can trust us to handle even large repair jobs. Call us now on 01226 382864 or contact us via our website and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.


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