Need New Industrial Flooring? Choose The Correct Contractor!


For many businesses investing in the premises to allow your business to flourish is very important, choosing the correct contractor to carry out the work is a key thing to get right when it comes to Industrial Flooring. As an example here at PSR Industrial Flooring, we ensure that all the new flooring we install for our clients is durable and above all else, long-lasting. We make our own products to assist us and it is super important to understand the correct way to use them, this also ensures that responsibility for our work is always to the highest quality,
Our team at PSR have outlined some important things that need to be performed by companies as ourselves when preparing to deliver a top-quality finished result:


Conduct a site survey

Conducting a site survey is and should be the first port of call before anything else, this stage is super important and allows both parties to discuss and establish exactly the best method, the most suitable product, assess what work is to be carried out, and specifically which flooring equipment is to be needed and used. We have found the best way of communicating with clients is by producing a timetable of when the flooring in question will be completed. PSR always oversees the project from start to finish, we have a superb setup and always have a point of contact for who is in total control of the project. This allows the job to be completed in a timely manner, to the satisfaction of the client also.


Floor preparation

Floor preparation is essential to the finish of the end product. Creating a long-lasting and durable finish is critical. Because if you do not prepare the floor correctly, you will end up with a poor finish and reduced longevity on the product.!  One thing to check is whether the flooring contractor uses subcontractors or, has an in-house team, whether the contractor is using the correct equipment. We at PSR use an in-house method to ensure full control of the process and quality of the finish.


Equipment used for jobs in question like diamond headed, vacuum-assisted grinding equipment is something that PSR uses to ensure the industrial flooring is clean,dust-free and also level!


Applying the floor

The application of the flooring products is essential to the success of the finished product. Using a contractor with their own bespoke products is always the best solution, the reasons in abundance. Firstly the product and the mix will be to perfection, the client knows exactly what product to maintain the floor in future, a company like PSR have this product tested and passed by all standards needed because we use the same product on a daily basis, this ensures the client always receives a consistent quality and advice aplenty in future.


Correct documentation

Make sure that your flooring contractor as we do complies with all health and safety regulations, the safety of staff is extremely important and something not to be taken lightly, also, if the work in question comes with a guarantee on completion that all correct paperwork and related documentation and certificates are produced (things like safety data sheets etc)


Here at PSR Industrial Flooring, we practice on a permanent basis with all our clients a bespoke service where we ourselves can manufacture, supply and apply our own industrial flooring products. Our highly experienced in-house team can take responsibility for the project from start to finish as we work to required standards coupled with our longevity in the industry, ensure it is completed on time and that you will always have a single point of contact from start to finish on each project! Working alongside the businesses in question who require new industrial flooring means we have a seamless relationship with all clients, allowing you to get on with business as usual!


PSR Industrial Flooring is happy for you to check out our case studies demonstrating that we can complete flooring jobs in a timely, professional and very high standard and finish. We work with companies like Coca Cola and we have the experience to operate without affecting the normal activities for the company in partnership. Get in touch with us for more information